Sunday, July 31, 2011

Striped Bindings

Trying to finish up these two this week.

Grandma's Shirts

Updated:  You can see the completed quilts HERE and HERE.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Matching Fancy Pants and Sewing with Plaids

Our little brother was in town with his family over the Fourth of July weekend.  In our family, get togethers mean matching "somethings" for the cousins.  It's tradition.  On one of my recent thrift store outings I found a king-sized flat sheet in a classic plaid for $3.99.  I'm not gonna lie I was pretty excited about that find!

So, for this family gathering Leslie found matching pajamas and swimsuits for all the little girls.  Not to be left out, I decided that my newly acquired plaid sheet would be perfect for pj shorts for the boys (dubbed "Fancy Pants" by our babysitter!)

My king-sized sheet yielded me four pair: One for the hubs, one for the 12 yr old, and two for the little boy cousins.  Not bad for $3.99.  The great thing about using a sheet is that they are super soft and thin, perfect for lounging and sleeping in the summer heat.    

Cute  cousins!
Lest you think that we're one of those families that likes to dress alike, we aren't.  My 12 yr old wants it to be know that he was not happy when he had to put on his shorts with his dad and brother for this picture.  I'll just say that I made them all shorts, and they do all wear them (and like them!), just not at the same time.

As far as sewing with plaid, it is easy if you remember a few simple techniques:  1. Match up your plaids, 2. Match up your plaids, 3. Match up your plaids.  I think the quickest way for handmade plaid items to look homemade is to forget this step.   There is a reason all patterns say "Additional fabric may be needed to match stripes, plaids and one way design fabrics."  It's a critical step that you don't want to overlook. For the most part if the horizontal lines match at the side seams of any garment you are good.  For these shorts I matched the stripe on the inseam as well. 

Good luck!  
Now go make yourself some "fancy pants" too!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A quilt I didn't have to make...

As I said before, our lovely babysitter is heading off to college next month.   She has been busy purging her room of the stuff she's not taking with her.  One of which was her collection of high school t-shirts.  We spent a few days together last week busting through them all.  With a little guidance she made herself this awesome t-shirt quilt.

I actually really like the squares without sashing.   
They all finish about 18" long by 16" wide. 

For the backing she chose this green plaid flannel.
I have yet to make a quilt with a flannel back, but that needs to change... It sure makes it soft and cozy feeling.

When I picked up the quilt from my quilter, not only had she done a beautiful job on it, but she had finished the binding as well.   That was a pleasant little surprise.   She just turned the flannel over to the front and sewed it down.  Saved me some work, for sure.  And it looks great!

Here's what happens when an 18 yr old is helping you take pictures.  She said,  "pose in front of the quilt so I can post it on Facebook to show my friends."   So this is me!  :)  And yes, it's on her FB page now.  Lucky me!

Tips to make your own T-shirt quilt.
Another look here

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Asymmetrical Knit Tee

Bought this pattern earlier in the Spring when my store was liquidating one of their locations for a move.  All patterns were 50% so I stocked up on a "few".  

My 2 older girls found some funky knit fabric last week that they were dying over, and at the sale price of $2.39/yd. they each could get a shirt for about $3.00.  So with their help we made them up.  Super easy pattern.  I think I'll be making myself view A for Fall.

The longer "drape" side, per the pattern, is meant to just be scrunched up on your side, any way you please.  We put some swimsuit elastic into that seam to help it retain the scrunched up shape.  I just measured the non-drape side starting about 4" down from the armpit, measured and cut.  Then used that piece and attached on the drape side, once again starting about 4-6" down from the armpit to about 2" shy of the hem.  The girls still scrunch it up some more, but at least they shouldn't have to mess with it all the time.

We added about 2" more to length, but I don't think we really needed to do that.  However, they do like their tops to be a little longer.

Also we lowered the neckline about 1 inch.  The pattern is a boatneck style, but my girls wanted it down just a little.

And the pattern cutting out is a little tricky, and we screwed up the first one and cut out 2 pieces that draped opposite each other.  Had to go back and get more fabric to try again.  Therefore, I have 2 of the same red funky piece.  I'm selling one of them on my Etsy shop (women's XS--girls 14/16) because unfortunately #2's friends do not share her same fashion sense.  Check it out if interested.  It really is a fun tee.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I've had some serious luck at the thrift store lately.  Here are some of my finds from the past month.

 My sheet collection is getting rather out of control, but who can resist ticking and gingham?  I think I paid $3-$5 for each.   The pink and yellow sheets have already been turned into some new bedding pieces for my girls.
And that turquoise gingham...I've got big plans for it. Yummy!

  These dainty florals are destined for some room redo projects for my girls' bedroom as well.  They are actually all fitted sheets that are stain/hole-free -- a small miracle find in the vintage sheet world.  Again, I paid $3 for each of them.

I found a couple other sheets, but they've already been cut up for various projects (to be revealed later). 

My biggest triumph would be that my kids have discovered the joys of thrifting as well.  Now instead of complaining about having to stop at the thrift store they actually look forward to it.  Check out some of their recent purchases...
 After seeing the movie Soul Surfer my Hawaii-loving daughter found this rash guard shirt for $3.  Aunt Renae is going to make her some matching briefs and then she's ready to swim.  So cute!!

 Nike's for my 6yr old who actually had no soles left on his "school" shoes.  Bought for $8.   Added a $1 pair of new laces.

And slip-ons for the my girls.  I think they were $6 and $3/pair.

For me:  
I have been on the prowl for an awesome pair of red pumps.
  Just my luck I found this hot pair for $6
 I tried them on at the store.  Good to go.  Bought and paid for.  I was a happy girl!

Until I noticed the big number 9 sticker on them.  Bummer!  'Cuz I am not a size 9.  When I got them home I tried to walk in them (something I didn't actually do at the store) and they fell off.  What was I thinking?!  Too bad for me because I still think they are awesome!
(Does anyone want a pair of red patent leather high heels--size 9?  I sell 'em to you cheap.)

So, what about you?  Any good thrift store finds lately? 
I'd love to hear...

Monday, July 18, 2011

For Baby Wyatt and a Small Triumph

A little quilt for baby Wyatt whose mama wants him to grow up to be a cowboy.  And with 3 older sisters in the house let's hope a horse is in his future real soon!  :) 


This blanket represents a small triumph in my quilting progression.  I have been hand sewing ALL my bindings since day one.  And while I love the look of hand sewn bindings, they take a lot of time.  When I quilt for other people 99% of the time they could care less if the binding is hand sewn or machine sewn.

So in an effort to save myself more time I was determined to figure out this machine binding bit.  I've made several attempts, all of which were less than stellar in my eyes.  Not to be dissuaded I carried on.  I talked to Renae a bunch.  She only does machine bindings so she helped me work through my hang ups/misfortunes.  Wyatt's blanket represents my first successful (in my mind!) machine sewn binding.  For that can I get a hallelujah?  It's a happy day indeed.  I still plan on hand sewing the bindings on my own quilts but for other people's I have now overcome a major obstacle.

(Somewhere I had taken a picture of the binding, but as I post it is nowhere to be found.  Sorry.  You'll just have to imagine my success. :)

What about you?  What are your quilt binding obstacles/hang ups? 

Quilt design/dimensions here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Out, out, dang spot!

I'm sure any of you with children have had those moments when you find one of your lovelies (clothes, couch, pillows, table tops) with some sort of marker, pen, paint on it.  Leslie recently had an incident, twice, on her quilts.  In the last week or so I found a LR pillow with what appears to be permanent marker on it.  No one knows who did it, of course, but my bet is on #5, the little poophead.

Over the weekend I finally decided to tackle it and pulled out my trusty resource book, "Talking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean", by Linda Cobb.  Love this book!  Our mom originally told me about it, and it has saved many a dirty incident.  Linda Cobb also has "Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean".  I own both--some of the best resource information I have.  And the titles make me laugh.
Page 149, how to get out permanent marker

"Fill a glass with denatured alcohol (use a size appropriate to the stain) and dip the stained area into the alcohol, allowing it to soak.  If it appears that the marker is being removed, continue the process"

"If the stain appears stubborn, try rubbing the marker spot with an old toothbrush, white, nongel toothpaste, and some baking soda.  Give it a really good scrubbing.  Rinse.  If the marker stain is almost gone, soak in a cup of warm water and 2 denture-cleaning tablets for whites, and Brilliant Bleach for colorfast clothes.  This will requires some time, but the stain all comes out, so it's worth it."

"If the marker is still there, scrub with Lava soap prior to trying the denture-cleaning tablets or bleach."

So I tried the hairspray method, to see if the spot was actually ball point pen.  But since my pillow has a bit of a nap to it, they would've had to have spent A LOT of time going back over the same lines to get it that dark.  The hairspray sort of took some of the marker out, but I quickly moved onto the white toothpaste.  Squirted on a blob, rubbed it around a bit, rinsed and most of it was gone.  Did it one more time and VOILA!  Out, out dang spot! 

#5 is spared (I don't know from what) and I'm happy.  Life is good.  Thank you, Queen of Clean!

I didn't know what denatured alcohol was, what to look for or where to find it.  After a quick internet search I found that you should be able to find it in the paint, solvent, thinner section of home improvement stores.  When I told hubby that he responded, "Oh yeah, that is what they use to take the permanent marker off of the castings at work."  Now you tell me Mr. Engineer.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Odds and Ends

I feel as though the last couple of weeks have been a blur.  We've been busy, but I can't remember exactly what we've been doing.  Do you ever have those kinds of weeks?  There's been lots of sewing going on, lots of kids hanging around, lots of family fun, lots, lots, lots...

I have some sewing deadlines that I am plowing through right now.  To be honest, I really don't enjoy deadlines all that much.  Makes me stressed.  But, regardless, I sew on.  

Here are a few things I've been working on:

This is the beginnings of a Wedding Quilt for Ashley and Dan.  Ashley was one of the kids I taught in Sunday School/YW way back when.  Now she is all grown up and in love. xoxo  Her wedding is on the 29th so I  am busting my buns to get it done it time.  Cross your fingers!

This is a little mini/doll blanket made by my cousin and her daughter.  I did a simple meandering on it since she isn't confident in her quilting abilities yet.

This is a huge pile of denim (I guess you can't really tell how huge it is...) that is now torn up and organized.  My husband is especially hard on jeans so I always have huge stacks of ripped jeans waiting to be recycled.  So many pairs that I recently gave an entire 20 gal bin to my quilt ladies and still had this stack left in my closet.  Now that they are disassembled I can think about making more of these again.

Finally, I helped our favorite babysitter with a t-shirt quilt.  She is purging her room in anticipation of leaving for college in a few weeks.  I think it turned out so darn cute!  Kinda makes me wish I'd kept all my HS stuff back in the day.  Oh well.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Double Oven Mock Up

Well, now that the flooring is done in our kitchen it is on to the next step.
For a couple of years now we've had a double oven sitting in our garage--given to us by some friends who were replacing theirs before a move.  The current one still worked they just upgraded to stainless steel.  Hubby helped them replace it and so they gave him the old one.

Now it is time to really figure out where and how that will be going into our kitchen.

But first a little mock up of it so that we can make sure it will really fit where we want it AND it won't cause problems with flow, etc.  The fridge is on the right of the doorway along with the current stove and fridge and cabinets.  To the left of this is the dining area and into the living room.

We've had it set up like this for a week or so and it appears it is going to be AWESOME!!
Double oven on the left with cupboards above and below 2 drawers for pans.  On the right side will be a cupboard above and drawers below--basically a little counter space for the phone.

Can't wait!  Hubby has a bunch of the wood already, so maybe it'll start coming together here in the next couple of weeks.  Maybe...

Friday, July 8, 2011

More suits finished

I finished a couple more swimsuits for some friends' girls.  Used a new pattern on this first one.  I've made one shoulder suits before, for little girls, and I've had to come up with the pattern on my own.  However, Kwik Sew makes this pattern in women's sizes.  I was able to use it (3780) for this preteen's suit.  We just added the skinny strap for her comfort.


One of the things I love about this pattern is that there is no back seam--all flat and one piece.  This will help me be able to do the same for the little girls' pattern I have.  I'm also loving the orange lining.

I also made 2 of these racerback tanks.  This was apparently the fabric of choice this year. I used Kwik Sew 2962 which is the women's version of the girls' racerback 3785

I've found that girls' size 14 and women's size XS have almost exactly the same measurements.  So for my #2 daughter who is almost 12 and her friends we have been moving towards the women's pattern styles now.

Kwik Sew 3785

Same suit as above just adjusted to add a little skirt.

Here is the detail to the skirt hem.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Swimsuit Revamps

Finally this past week our weather cooperated so we could hit the pool.  That first gorgeously hot day about 7 family friends met there (24 kids) and we had a great time.  However, our friend Charissa did not come dressed to swim.  She told me all her suits were too revealing or uncomfortable for what she wanted to wear.  So later that evening she came over to my house and showed me what she had and we figured out how to restyle 2 of them so that she would feel more comfortable swimming with her kids.

The first suit was just a basic tank--and a little too short waisted for her. 

We first thought about cutting it off and turning it into a tankini top, but we'd still have that short waisted issue.  So instead, I found some white fabric in my stash--and we cut it right across the middle and added a section (I cut a 2 1/2" strip to sew in) to it so that she wouldn't be pulling up and then immediately tugging down all the time.

Had it not had the 2 tone white straps underneath we probably would've added a strip of color--like lime green or something fun like that.  Since there was already white we decided to stick with that theme.



I also gave her a little leopard print wrap skirt (similar, but not exact, to Kwik Sew 3330) to use as a cover up.  It'll look great with this suit--and no one was using it at my house.

The second suit was this cute little striped swim dress--cute Kenneth Cole number shown below.  Not Charissa, but I'm sure she'd take the bod if she could.

But it was cut too low for her "bubbies" as she put it, and then she also wanted it slightly longer to cover up the other little problem areas that most of us over a certain age and post babies have.  So we found some hot pink from my stash and added a piece up top and then a little flounce skirt. 

I topstitched the insert piece in place right over the original stitching.

I used the flounce pattern from Kwik Sew 3330 for the addition to her hem.  I attached this to the original seam and hemmed the bottom of the flounce with a twin needle.  Charissa is thrilled and we are both happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For Baby Jackson

A little quilt for baby Jackson, whose mother is my husband's niece.  Made to match his nursery colors.

I used the same block dimensions as this quilt, only I omitted the last border and shrunk the sashing way down.  It makes for a perfect sized baby quilt (finishes at 36" by 47").

To Jackson's mom:  Sorry I couldn't attend your baby shower.  My wish for you would be that your delivery is swift and uneventful! :)


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