Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Magnetic Bulletin Board

I originally saw the idea for a magnetic bulletin board from Martha Stewart. I had planned on making it as is, but my plans changed slightly. I also looked at the framed bulletin board project from Martha and sort of did a combination of the two bulletin boards for my own. Emily and I had a good chuckle today as it seems that we are on the same wavelength with a number of our projects. This project you can do if you cannot find a magnetic board already assembled as she did.

Awhile ago one of my children, who shall remain unnamed, kicked off a shoe towards the shoe bin and instead of it landing where it was intended it hit one of the pictures hanging above the bin and busted the glass. Thank you very much. And this was a child that really should know better than to do that. I finally decided this week to replace the glass. I was just going to buy the replacement glass alone at Michael's; however, this week their frames and glass were on sale ($4) and cheaper than buying only the glass (about $6-7).

So with the new frame, glass removed and put into the old picture frame, I decided to turn it into a bulletin board, for said child who broke the glass in the first place. Basically I followed the instructions about buying a piece of sheet metal and put it into the frame after I covered it with two cute pieces of scrapbook paper. You could also use a piece of cute fabric--but I couldn't find anything in my stash that I thought this kid would like so I went with the scrapbook paper.

Sheet metal--(galvanized panning is what they called it) bought at my local Home Depot store in the ductwork section for $5.49 for a 16" X 36" piece. Check to make sure it really is magnetic. Hubby informed me that not all galvanized material is magnetic. The 16" x 36" piece would make 3 - 11 X 14 size boards. We cut it to size using tin snips. Mark the size you need with a permanent marker and straight edge before cutting.

Here's a little trick to help you before you spray paint your frame. On the back side of your frame pound in slightly a nail at each corner.
Then when you flip it to the right side it is raised up off your work surface and you can easily paint the sides without having to get your hands dirty.
Cut to size your galvanized panning and scrapbook papers. I used Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive. I sprayed the back of the blue denim paper and then smoothed it directly onto the metal. Then repeated the process with the floral paper. I had borrowed a friend's scallop cutter beforehand to make a wave on the floral piece. I like how it turned out.
Here's a little tip about the spray adhesive. Sometimes it it isn't always easy to get the spray off your hands, if you've accidently sprayed yourself, with just soap and water. This trick we got from Grandma J.--she taught it to us when we were refinishing some furniture. It takes off wood stain slick as can be if you get it on your hands. I tried it today as I got my hands sprayed slightly and it works for this too. Rub your hands with margarine really well before washing with soap and water and the stickiness (or stain) will come right off.

Finished project--I have plans to make some fun magnet buttons and will include them with the board. I think I will be saving this for a Christmas present for the kid. Total cost--$6

For another idea--this would be a good size if you wanted to display "framed" any of your children's artwork. With some nice magnets you could put their art projects in the "frame" and then change it as needed.
I used the remaining galvanized panning to make myself a magnetic board too. I bought a clearance (goof-up custom order) frame--16" X 24" at Jo-Ann's today for $10, a piece of foam board--I cut it to the size of the back of frame and put it all together. Total cost for this board--around $15. I'll have to attach something to hang it also. I may spray my frame red, but for now I am leaving it as is. I also haven't decided yet if I will be using it as my own inspiration board, or a message center in my kitchen.


  1. At first glance I thought that first board was made with fabric, until I read your directions. I think it looks really nice, though!

    These seem easy enough to make, too!

  2. Awesome idea, thank you!!!

  3. Great idea! Going to use in one of our project Thanks!



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