Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A quilt I didn't have to make...

As I said before, our lovely babysitter is heading off to college next month.   She has been busy purging her room of the stuff she's not taking with her.  One of which was her collection of high school t-shirts.  We spent a few days together last week busting through them all.  With a little guidance she made herself this awesome t-shirt quilt.

I actually really like the squares without sashing.   
They all finish about 18" long by 16" wide. 

For the backing she chose this green plaid flannel.
I have yet to make a quilt with a flannel back, but that needs to change... It sure makes it soft and cozy feeling.

When I picked up the quilt from my quilter, not only had she done a beautiful job on it, but she had finished the binding as well.   That was a pleasant little surprise.   She just turned the flannel over to the front and sewed it down.  Saved me some work, for sure.  And it looks great!

Here's what happens when an 18 yr old is helping you take pictures.  She said,  "pose in front of the quilt so I can post it on Facebook to show my friends."   So this is me!  :)  And yes, it's on her FB page now.  Lucky me!

Tips to make your own T-shirt quilt.
Another look here


  1. It does look really good without sashing. I love flannel on the back of a quilt - so soft.

  2. Why hello there! ;) it's fun to see you in the quilt shot!

    The t-shirt quilt looks great without sashing. I love the border fabric, too!

  3. Love the school colors!
    I think it turned out great.
    I'm saving tees at our house and trying to come up with ideas for down the road.

    I do like it without sashing too.



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