Sunday, July 24, 2011

Asymmetrical Knit Tee

Bought this pattern earlier in the Spring when my store was liquidating one of their locations for a move.  All patterns were 50% so I stocked up on a "few".  

My 2 older girls found some funky knit fabric last week that they were dying over, and at the sale price of $2.39/yd. they each could get a shirt for about $3.00.  So with their help we made them up.  Super easy pattern.  I think I'll be making myself view A for Fall.

The longer "drape" side, per the pattern, is meant to just be scrunched up on your side, any way you please.  We put some swimsuit elastic into that seam to help it retain the scrunched up shape.  I just measured the non-drape side starting about 4" down from the armpit, measured and cut.  Then used that piece and attached on the drape side, once again starting about 4-6" down from the armpit to about 2" shy of the hem.  The girls still scrunch it up some more, but at least they shouldn't have to mess with it all the time.

We added about 2" more to length, but I don't think we really needed to do that.  However, they do like their tops to be a little longer.

Also we lowered the neckline about 1 inch.  The pattern is a boatneck style, but my girls wanted it down just a little.

And the pattern cutting out is a little tricky, and we screwed up the first one and cut out 2 pieces that draped opposite each other.  Had to go back and get more fabric to try again.  Therefore, I have 2 of the same red funky piece.  I'm selling one of them on my Etsy shop (women's XS--girls 14/16) because unfortunately #2's friends do not share her same fashion sense.  Check it out if interested.  It really is a fun tee.

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  1. Cute!! I like those! I'd wear them myself...(but I'm not brave enough for such a bold pattern...I'd go more solid colors for me) But I really like those shirts!! :) Too bad I don't have the sewing skills that you do :)



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