Friday, February 24, 2017

Spool Quilt for my Birthday

This weekend is our annual Sewfest Weekend in St. George.
For various reason I am not there this year.
Mostly I'm O.K. with it.
I am planning on sewing as much as I can here at home while my sisters and cousin
are doing their thing.  I'll post some of my finishes later.

Until then I'll show you what my sisters, Emily and Leslie (and a few of their buddies)
did for me last Fall for my 50th birthday. 

I have to say I was super surprised.  Not that my gift was a quilt, but that it was this quilt.  I knew Emily was working on it but I didn't have a clue that it was coming to me.

I LOVE it!! 

The two different fabrics that make up the backing.

The fun quilt label.

And Awesome binding.



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