Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog Bordered Skirts

I found this obnoxiously bright fabric the other day that I knew the 2 little girls at my house would love. It is a dog print which is always a hit for us. I added a three inch (cut a 6" wide strip, fold in half and press) solid border at the bottom of the hem to maybe tone it down a bit. We put in an elastic waist and all finished. Although they did wear these to church today my intent was for these skirts to be more play/summer skirts.

M.'s friend A. has a matching one too--I had plenty of fabric. And we will be sending a matching one to cousin K. also.
This skirt was simple and easy enough that L. made her own in a matter of an hour or less. She is not into as quite as bright of fabric, but loved this blue floral print I had picked out for her.

Fabric Conversion Chart

Here is a great chart to have when purchasing fabric for projects. This comes from the McCall's pattern company. It helps you when you don't have the exact width yardage that the pattern specifies. You look up the amount required on the pattern and then can convert it to the yardage of the actual fabric you are purchasing. I tried to post the chart directly but the format got rearranged. This link should take you right to the chart and you can print it off for yourself. It is a nice reference for those of us who sew regularly or maybe even more helpful for those who don't sew regularly.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

FHE Vinyl Board

This week I put together a ward craft night doing these FHE Vinyl Boards. It was a lot of fun and we had a good turn out. It was really easy to do as well.
Just put two coats of paint on my board and as soon it was dry I sanded the edges. I did the same thing for my tags. I drilled small holes in the tops of my tags for the ribbon to go through.
For the vinyl, I rubbed it on to wood like a rub on sticker! It was super easy, just have to have patience because it can be stubborn at times.
When hammering in the horseshoe nails, I drilled a small hole where I wanted them to go so that they would be even and so the wood wouldn't split.

Wood= $2.00 (got a sweet deal)
Vinyl= $3.00 (another sweet deal)
Nails= $0.50
Tags= $1.25
Paint=$0.55 (per bottle)

Estimated Cost of Project $8.00-10.00!!

If found in a store kits or pre-made they can cost anywhere from $25.00-35.00! Pretty SWEET!! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Afternoon Project

I have had these wood squares laying around for the longest time.  I've always wanted to do something with them and Saturday was the day it all came together. 
 I had 7 squares about 6x4.  I cut out letters (5 inches) using my Circut machine.
I then sanded around the edges of my letters to give it a de-stressed look.  
Using decoupage, I glued my letters to the boards.  Previous to gluing, I drilled holes at the top so I could hang them on the wall.  
Overall very easy craft for me!!



Banana-Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins

I made these so Jeff could take them for his mid-morning snack (instead of doughnuts). We are really trying to eat better. Starting with not eating out so much. So I have been trying all sorts of new things in an effort to keep myself interested. These are best with a little bit of real butter. Yum! They aren't a sweet muffin so don't expect that.


Here is a little project for boys that I stumbled upon by accident. The last time I was making t-shirts I had made some cuffs for a long sleeved tee and then decided to just go ahead and make it a short sleeved shirt. The cuffs were all assembled and 6 yr. old Z. asked if he could have them. He told me that he wanted them for wristbands. So I just serged the raw edges and he wore them until they were completely ruined, stained, etc. I just made his second pair after much harassing on his part for a new set. It took me 10 minutes tops.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


9" White Wooden Letters from Roberts $2.99 each
silver glitter adhesive paper (scrapbook section) JoAnn Fabrics $1.19/sheet on sale

JCrew Coat

This jacket created using McCalls #5328

Remember this? Really adorable, but utterly overpriced coat.

Here's my version done a lot cheaper:

Hands down this is the most successful and satisfying sewing project I've ever done. I really tried to take my time and do it right by finishing off all seams and raw edges. It's beautiful and I am so pumped!!! I haven't added the button yet because I can't decide what color (white, khaki, or black) or how many to put on. Probably just one large. I'm thinking I'll pair it with a black pencil skirt and red heels. YES!

Alterations to pattern:
shortenting sleeve length
adding neck ruffle

White Dobby Cotton Twill $15.58 sale
2 pkgs 1/4" Bias Tape $ 3.18
thread (already had) ------
interfacing (already had) ------
McCalls Pattern $ 1.99 sale
1 1/4" Button $ 1.50
Lace Hem Tape $ 1.48
Additional 1/2 yard twill $ 3.90

(Beating the system) Priceless!!!

**This is even the "expensive" version because I splurged on the really nice twill.

{Photos courtesy of the hubby...With a little instruction}

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Dresses for the girls

Here is the pattern that I used this year for my girls' Easter dresses. I made the dress with the longer sleeved version of the jacket. They need dresses like they need a hole in the head, however, this pattern was just too cute to pass up and I had a couple of fun pieces of fabric in my "stash" besides the couple that I did end up buying.

Simplicity 3513

Our 4 yr. old B. is the lucky one and got 2 dresses because I happened to have another piece of fabric that matched the jacket piece. I think that hers may be my favorite, but not sure. They all ended up looking so different.
Our 8 yr. old M. is definitely the fashion conscious girl of the family. She is rather particular about what she wants to wear. Because her jacket was made out of such a loosely woven fabric there ended up being no gathers at the yoke.

And 11 yr. old L. is total preteen. She can't quite decide if she wants to be totally grown up or not yet. She isn't quite as frou-frou as the other two either. Her jacket is from this same pattern, however, we just removed the collar and adjusted the sleeves a bit. Made them more tapered in than the pattern dictates and then added the ruffle piece.

Her dress was not from this pattern. The pattern I used was actually a costume pattern that is now discontinued. Simplicity 4860. But basically all it is is an elongated peasant style shirt with some elastic at the waist. You can't see it very well in this photo, but the dress is navy with white polka-dots. She is thrilled with it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guest Bedroom

Party Pack

Last fall for my birthday Emily sent me a little party pack which included a package of balloons, some crepe paper, candles, and a fun birthday party themed table runner that she had made. It was awesome, especially since we know as moms that usually our birthdays get no respect while everyone around us gets a big deal.

This is the one Emily made for me. Finished measurements 13" W x 72" L.

For St. Patrick's Day this year I added to my table runner collection (2 of them now) and made a green one with a fun print on the back so that you could use it for a party for spring or some other happy occasion. I just bought a half yard of fabric and since it was only 45" W the finished measurements on mine ended up being 17"W x 42" L.

The beauty of a project like this is it is super quick and looks great. Just cut 2 pieces of fabric the same size. Sew right sides together leaving an opening to turn. Turn and press and then topstitch to hold it all in place. And then you don't have to worry about finding the right size tablecloth for your table. Get a nice cloth in a basic color and change the runner for the occasion.

Another part of our family party tradition is the balloon centerpiece and the "You Are Special" plate. We received our first ones as a wedding present from one of our aunts. The base for the balloon centerpiece is a 3/4" board with 3 small holes drilled in it. Mine happens to be flower shaped, but you could just do a circle or square. Paint it how you'd like. Then you buy the sticks and balloon holders at any party supply place.

This year's Valentine's Day centerpiece.

This is what the balloon holder tip looks like. It will hold 3 balloons in each one and you attach it onto the end of the sticks. They are less than $.25 each for these and the sticks. So party on!!

My Easter Dress

Vogue Pattern 8278

OK. I couldn't be happier with the way this dress turned out. It's not my typical style..a slightly bohemian look (specifically the sleeves) which I usually despise.

I pretty much made it in an evening and cost me under $20. Hello! That is my kind of sewing. I also think there's something slightly old lady about it, but I love it, love it, love it. It looks totally different on, but I'll post those another time when someone is around to photograph it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty's Day Meal

This week we are trying several new recipes. I love it because I'm so bored with our regular eats. This one is a keeper for me. Admittedly husband wasn't a huge fan of the soup, but I looooved it. I know...pea soup??? I'm just as surprised, but it's true. The combo of the soup with a rye bread grilled cheese. Perfection!

Green-Pea Soup with Cheddar Scallion Panini

My Recipe Tips: Add some garlic (it needs it) and much more salt than recommended. Also, the key to this grilled cheese is that it is crunchy. I couldn't get the cheese melted before the sides were browned so I had to microwave a few seconds which caused bread to get a bit soggy. Not the same. This is a constant dilema for me with grilled cheese.

grilled cheese mixture uses white cheddar which I haven't had until now. Man, it is good.

Easter Place Cards

Although the colors seem a bit random it will all come together when you see our place setting for Easter Dinner.

To create your own see instructions here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Creativity Runneth Over!

As crafty sisters we needed an outlet for our creativity, so this blog is inspired by all the other beautiful blogs out there where people create and share their ideas. Whether it be home decor, clothing, quilts, gifts, photography, etc. we love to create! Our mother was the one who set us on our path when she taught us all how to sew as kids. She let us dream up our own projects and make them a reality. Today our tastes are as diverse as the projects we tackle, but we still love to see what the others are creating. It was only natural for us to have an outlet for sharing--as we believe the best idea is one you make "your own!"

The Creative Chicks!

Fabric Covered photo mats

will fill with photos of baby L over next couple of weeks.

Closer view. sorry about the reflections...

and since I'm on the subject of the baby L's's another addition. Mobile from IKEA.

I love this part of her room...the red dress is mine from when I was a baby. Shadow box from Michael's.

Instructions for Fabric Mats


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