Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Furbabies on parade

Here are some of the furbabies we've had at our home over the last couple of months.

We only had Buddy for a long weekend until his regular foster family was ready to take him.
He and Red didn't get along real great.  Mostly it was just mutual toleration.  But hey, the poor guy was surrendered by his owner because she couldn't take him with to her assisted living place and he got neutered all in the same time period.   I wouldn't be too happy either.

We watched Dinky here for a couple days while his foster family was out of town.
He is cute, but was quite annoying.  We also watched him while we had Red and he would not leave her alone....if you know what I mean.  My kids got a little more sex education than I would have liked during that time period.

Red was one of our favorites (or at least mine). I have to admit I had a hard time when she got adopted although she went to a lovely family.  They send me updates every now and again.  She loves their 4 kids (2 of which are adopted from China) and they love her.  I think she has been a good "therapy" dog for the 2 kiddos from China who had only been in the US about 2 months before Red came along.

Aspen got adopted about 3 days after having to be surrendered by her owners
who lost their apartment and couldn't take her with where they were staying.
New owners LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. 
Seriously, an understatement how happy they are to have her.

Watched our friends' Yorkie/Pomeranian, Figaro, over the Thanksgiving break.
I have a changed opinion about little dogs after watching him. 
He was 6 lbs. of awesome!
The funniest was so see how each of my kids felt that he liked them best.

This is our current foster furbaby, Ivy.  She is only about 8 months old and is a lively thing.
We've had her about a month now while she has been treated for mange.  She is recovering nicely and is ready to be adopted.  We hope some outdoor loving family will find her as she loves being active and outside even here in the freezing northland of MN.  She just might be part sled dog.

If you are local in the Twin Citites MN area go to Carver Scott Humane Society to see what animals are currently available for adoption. 


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