Thursday, April 30, 2015

First things first

While there are plenty of things I am excited about with this new house, the current paint colors are not one of them. #downwithbrown  Seriously, except for the master bedroom and bath, EVERY room in this house, on every level, is brown.  Brown.  Not tan or beige, BROWN.  Actually 3 different shades of brown. Slowly but surely I'll be working to change that.

But first things first.
I AM happy about having a white house, however, the front door wasn't that inviting.
It was just plain blah!
When we painted the front door on our previous house it made a huge difference to the feel of the house.
So painting the front door on this new house was one of my first priorities.

I don't think it had ever been changed from the original primed or whatever color.  The trim had been painted white and I did decide to leave that. But I wanted something fun and happy and welcoming. And I wanted it soon, even though there is still so much to do.

It was a toss up between a green or orange or blue.
Turquoise won out in the end.

Ignore the mess behind it and just notice the pretty door.
That mess is mostly gone now, but I wanted to paint and "accomplish" something while in the throes of unpacking and sorting things.

I LOVE this color and when, or if, we get tired of it we can just paint it again. Super easy!

Doesn't this look much more inviting?

  • Front door paint Glidden Exterior in Blue Sapphire--2 coats

Some changes

I'm working on some new posts as well as adjusting the look of the blog a bit.
Bear with me.
I'm trying.

Monday, April 6, 2015

New house craziness....

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions....I've had plenty over the last 2 months trying to put some things down on this blog.

Really, my brain and my life couldn't handle anything else other than the move.

After spending the first week post closing "camping" at some friends so that our kids could finish the last week of the quarter, we are now in the new house.
It has been slightly over one full week.
We are so happy to be all together again.

My house is a be expected.
But, I love it.
My goal has been to go thru three boxes a day to get organized.
So far that is working for me.
But our college daughter is coming home this weekend for a week break from school and I'd like to have a little more done than I currently have.  We'll see.

The kids started their new schools this morning after having Spring Break this past week.
I was more emotional about that than I have E.V.E.R been in the last 13 years of sending kids to school every year.  I've always been that mom who consoled all the crying moms hanging outside the classroom, and then took off to go take myself out for a celebration moment. I'm chalking up this partial emotional meltdown to the craziness of our life over the last weeks.

I will try and get some house pics posted here over the next couple of days.  I've got painting projects lined up and am sorting thru fabric boxes.  There may be an Etsy sale in my future, because I feel borderline hoarder-ish as I look at all my stuff.  Until then, here is a pic I took last night as hubby and I were walking around the neighborhood.  A little full moon walk along the trails by the ponds.  Enjoy your week!


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