Friday, June 9, 2017

T-shirt Quilt for Daughter #2

 Daughter #2 with her t-shirt quilt for graduation.

 Some close-ups of the quilting.

 Backing chevron flannel and binding.

 Little sisters are so helpful!

 This is probably her favorite tee.

 I had Lynn quilt her graduation year onto the quilt because she didn't have any with her year on it.

  • For this quilt I used about 25 shirts, including 2 sweatshirts.  A couple had both a back and a front that we used. 
  • 5 columns of t-shirts
  • 6 yds. of Grey Chevron Flannel for backing that I bought at JoAnn's.
  • Quilted by Lynn Peterson
  • Finished Dimensions 76 inches by 88 inches

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Benches for the deck

I've been in the graduation party prep mode for the past week or so.
And what a great excuse to finally get some furniture for the deck.
This will only be our 3rd summer here in this house.
It is about time.

I've been perusing Pinterest for ideas and found a couple that I liked.

This bench is 48 inches wide.

This is a side by side of the 2 different styles of bench that I made.
I actually made the straight bench first and then decided that I wanted one with a backrest.

The straight bench is 54 inches long.

And then I made 2 side tables, just for good measure.

Bring on the grad girl!
She is SO READY to be DONE!
We're ready to party!

  • Backed bench and table patterns by Jay's Creations
  • I found that I needed to adjust the pocket holes for the backrest slats.  If there is a next time I would cut the pieces to 32 not 31 inches and then make the marks.  At 31 inches the piece didn't reach to the top of the top slat, which is what it showed in the pattern.  If you are not spacing the back slats apart you won't need to adjust anything.
The bottom pocket holes are the original ones.  You can see how close to the edge of the 2 x 4 they were.  By the time you reached the top slat (after spacing them out) there was almost no room to attach it.
  • Straight bench pattern by Ana White-- Providence Bench
  • For 2 of each bench and 2 tables it cost about $100
  • I used green-treated pine 2 x 4s from Menards


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