Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Finds and packing up

I should NOT be going to the thrift store at all.  Repeat, NOT AT ALL!  But lo and behold I've stopped by a couple times in the last month or so.  I have to say though that I have usually left with nothing.  That's a good sign, because I am purging my house as we are getting ready to put our house on the market and really I shouldn't be adding anything to my packing piles.

But....I did find a little bit of a fabric treasure last week on one of the sale days.

Paid $9.60 for all the above.
3 Kwik Sew t-shirt patterns for the 3 youngest.
And 6 bundles of fabric, including a fun Alexander Henry piece.
I did put about 4 of those pieces (the juvenile prints) back into my giveaway pile as I knew I wouldn't have a use for them.

Most of the pieces were at least a 1/2 yard each.
So I guess that means I should come up with a fun blue quilt project.
Maybe I'll think up a collaborative project again with some of my friends.  We'll see.

In the meantime I am having a hard time emotionally going thru my sewing "crap".
I have gotten rid of at least 3 large bags of scraps and other items.
You can't tell if you were to look at my sewing room, but I have done it.
I just need to do more.
You would think it would be easy enough for me as quite a bit of my fabric has been given to me.
No such luck.
I can think of lots of things I could do with the fabric, but I need to be realistic.
Just because I could do something doesn't mean I have to. Right?!

One thing I am doing, in anticipation of packing up most everything in that room, is to package up some of my projects individually in large ziploc bags.  I find these at the dollar store--2 for $1.  They have been great for me.

I put the fabric or fabrics, thread, pattern, and other extras that may go with all in the same bag.  I plan on putting these in one place or box so that if I "need" to sew while in the midst of all this moving madness I'll be able to pull out a baggie and get to work.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dress Week---working my momma magic

This daughter usually comes to me with a drawing or design idea ready for me to implement it.
For her Easter dress it wasn't any different.

She showed me this picture

And then asked me if I could make it.
Well,... let me work some of my momma magic.

She was going to try and make this herself, but we got in a time crunch and working with a lace overlay isn't always that easy for more beginners.  Hubby said this was his favorite dress out of all the Easter ones this year.


  • Simplicity pattern 2588
  • Flat, short sleeve version with smaller yoke band.
  • Pink fabric from the stash (I know I bought it at the thrift store for a couple bucks)
  • Lace fabric from Jo-Ann's.
  • Invisible zipper

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dress Week---another wrap dress

My oldest daughter is a senior in high school this year and will be graduating in June.  In an attempt to get her a little more college-bound we made this dress for her for Easter....and beyond.

Basic mock wrap dress.
Didn't have to adjust the neckline, just pinned it in place so there wouldn't be any gapping.


  • McCall's pattern 6884 basic mock wrap dress
  • Fabric from SR Harris for $4.50/yd.
  • Lengthened the short sleeve version about 2 inches.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dress week--My Easter dress this year

I sat down and made this dress the day before I flew out for my grandmother's funeral.  I needed some stress relief from everything happening at the time and really, sewing is about the best way that I can get that. I had plans for it to be my Easter dress, I just made it a little ahead of time.

Absolutely love this fabric.  Purple (radiant orchid) is the color of the year, you know. Bought it here locally at SR Harris for $5/yd.  My favorite fabric store is now no more and so I am adjusting my sewing and fabric habits.  I am also grieving that fact, especially when I broke a stretch twin needle the other day and realized I wouldn't be able to go buy one at the store.  That was the only place that carried them here locally. Now I have to order them online.

Anyway, this dress is an awesome travel dress.  Folded it up in the suitcase and pulled it out right before wearing it and not a wrinkle in sight.  Stretchy knit, so it is super comfy.  Wore it all funeral day and it was lovely.

  • Simplicity 2369 or 1653 View C.  These are the same patterns.  The first one just has a top and pants pattern also included.  The second one is dresses only in 3 different sleeve options and 2 different lengths.
  • Fabric from SR Harris at $5/yd.  Bought 3 yds.
  • Use a stretch needle.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dress Week---Easter Dress for the youngest

This year's Easter dress for my youngest daughter is bright and happy.
She is currently going thru a green and blue phase.
I found the green floral at the thrift store for about $3 for a couple yards.
Then I bought a coordinating blue to match and break it up a little.
She is super pleased with it.
And happy day we hit 71 degrees on Easter Sunday.
First time we've seen a 70 degree day since last October.

  • Simplicity 2715
  • Contrasting yoke with white piping
  • 3/4 length sleeves
  • Added sleeve and lower hem bands
  • Invisible zipper

Past versions of this pattern to view:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Funeral Weekend

Life has been chaotic and busy here at my house with multiple ongoing home remodeling projects and getting close to the end of school.  We have a senior in HS and so we have stuff to do with that, and just plain life in general--like all of you.

I have some projects to post, but today I'll do something a little different.

Last weekend I flew to Utah for the funeral of my 94 yr. old grandmother on my mother's side.
Besides the fact that I left MN with 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground and 32 degrees to arrive in Utah with it being 60 and sunny, it was a lovely weekend and a great time to reflect on a life well lived, as well as the strength and blessing of good family ties.

All 23 Grandchildren of Leona Johnson (from 4 daughters)
First time we've ever had a picture of ALL of us at one time.
Ages range from 20 to 47 (yikes, that's me!)
Me and my siblings are the 6 on the right.

Emily and I will now tackle the task (slowly) of coming up with a memory quilt using her clothing.  When we did it for our other grandma it came together quickly. Emily knew right away how to use her clothing. This time around it might take us longer. Grandma J's style is so much different than Grandma F's that we'll have to think about it.  Guaranteed we'll post when we have a plan, but for now we're just going to enjoy the fact that we had a great weekend of family togetherness celebrating our lovely grandmother.


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