Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Double Oven Mock Up

Well, now that the flooring is done in our kitchen it is on to the next step.
For a couple of years now we've had a double oven sitting in our garage--given to us by some friends who were replacing theirs before a move.  The current one still worked they just upgraded to stainless steel.  Hubby helped them replace it and so they gave him the old one.

Now it is time to really figure out where and how that will be going into our kitchen.

But first a little mock up of it so that we can make sure it will really fit where we want it AND it won't cause problems with flow, etc.  The fridge is on the right of the doorway along with the current stove and fridge and cabinets.  To the left of this is the dining area and into the living room.

We've had it set up like this for a week or so and it appears it is going to be AWESOME!!
Double oven on the left with cupboards above and below 2 drawers for pans.  On the right side will be a cupboard above and drawers below--basically a little counter space for the phone.

Can't wait!  Hubby has a bunch of the wood already, so maybe it'll start coming together here in the next couple of weeks.  Maybe...

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