Friday, August 28, 2009

Colorful Coins Quilt {Finished}

After months of sitting in my sewing room, basted, and waiting to be quilted I finally finished my coin quilt. It feels really good to have it done!

This quilt was my original inspiration. I saw it a couple years ago and loved it! I started collecting my coins right then for my future project. I started out making this so that no two coins were alike, but since I wanted it to be big I ended up using some duplicates. I don't feel bad about that at all, it still has a great scrappy feel!

(This picture isn't doing the back any favors, but I wanted to show you the scale of the print and stripe.)

(This picture is much more flattering and true to color)

Once I saw this quilt I knew I had to find a similar piece for the backing. I used Alexander Henry's Mod Dot Multi. And in a reoccurring theme, I miscalculated the amount I needed for the backing so I had to throw in the star piece (leftover from this quilt) to make it big enough.

The binding is a piece Leslie gave to me. I think it was once a sheet or something like that. I love that it has a sort of ticking feel. I LOVE ticking!! A lot.
For more beautiful inspirations check out the Coin Piece Along group on flickr. My quilt is in there somewhere.

The details:

Finished quilt measures 60" by 72" (152cm by 183cm)
My coins are 3" by 5" (7.6cm by 12.7cm) before sewing, sashing is 3" and top/bottom sashing is 6" (15.2cm) before sewing.


  1. It is just beautiful!! You've done a great job.

  2. Em, it looks so great. One of my favorites. And yes, that stripe fabric was once a duvet cover from IKEA.

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  4. It must have been the day for quilting coin quilts yesterday! I finally did my coin quilt sandwich too. Now I need to make the binding. Yours looks great and it is FINISHED!

  5. this is a beautiful quilt. It is always such a nice feeling to get one done

  6. I'll have to make one of these because I love the way yours came out.

  7. The colours are gorgeous! Why is it called a coin quilt? Sorry, I know nothing about quilting.

  8. I was so inspired by your quilt I had to make one. I love this.



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