Thursday, March 10, 2011

Star Wars Solids Quilt

Welcome to the unveiling of the Star Wars Quilt!

If it looks familiar, you are right, I made the exact same design for my FIL last year.  
This quilt is for my son who will be turning 12 in April. 

Check out the sa-weet sheet I used for the back!
...from the original Star Wars, circa 1977 
As a side note, one of the memories I have as a child was of our brother's bedroom.  It must've been sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. Our mom had wallpapered his room in black Star Wars wallpaper.  It looked like space, black background with little tiny stars all over it, along with x-wing fighters and such.  It was pretty awesome!  I'm sure my son would love to have that wallpaper in his room today.  

Here is a close up of the quilting.  
Along with all the great texture my long arm quilter also added my son's name in the quilting and the phrase "May the force be with you."  I think he'll get a kick out of that little touch.

For the binding I chose red. 
I think it makes the small bits of red in the quilt really pop. 

 I'll be showing it off at quilt club next week before wrapping it up for my son's birthday.  
I just hope he'll be as excited about it as I am!

Finished quilt measures 60" by 72". 
Pattern details/instructions HERE

I'm linking up to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story.

Don't forget to check out the start of Carin's quilt with this same design.  Stop in and say hi!  Maybe while you're there you could look over her list for the Wrapped in Hope Program and pick a child to help.


  1. I think he'll love it, Emily! I sure do.

  2. Such a GREAT quilt and I agree that the backing is as Sa-weet as you said!

  3. I think the "May the force be with you" and his name in the quilting is to die for.

    Love how it all turned out.

    I don't remember the black Star Wars wallpaper. Where was I and which bro and house was that?

  4. Travis, house on Robinson

    I would've thought for sure you would remember. I'm sure you were still home when it was there. :)

  5. Looks great! I am just about to start quilting my copycat quilt--getting nervous--it looks so cool--thanks for the inspiration-I could make 10 more of these quilts! you are amazing-and your son will treasure it forever!

  6. OOOH! That is too cool!!! I love it that you used the star wars fabric as backing instead of cutting it up. Where do you get the star wars fabric? My son would LOVE something like this!!

  7. That is great for a 12 year old. nice and mature, but still a fun star wars themed.
    We have those exact same sheets in our closet, there were my husbands when he was little. I am afraid to use them on a bed, but I really like this idea you did here on the back of a quilt.

  8. This quilt takes my breath away and not the star wars back, the colours of the front are amazing. You are an inspiration and I want to make my own right now. Perhaps you could do a rough list of the fabric you used.

  9. Love the star in the center square. Looks great! Tiff

  10. I found you on Quilt Story's linky party. I must tell you that I LOVE your quilt! I have 3 small boys and Star Wars is all we talk about, think about, dream about, etc.
    I LOVE the stars in the center of the block.
    We need a close up of the "May the Force be With you!!"

  11. So manly! Great choices, love it. Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)



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