Friday, July 29, 2011

Matching Fancy Pants and Sewing with Plaids

Our little brother was in town with his family over the Fourth of July weekend.  In our family, get togethers mean matching "somethings" for the cousins.  It's tradition.  On one of my recent thrift store outings I found a king-sized flat sheet in a classic plaid for $3.99.  I'm not gonna lie I was pretty excited about that find!

So, for this family gathering Leslie found matching pajamas and swimsuits for all the little girls.  Not to be left out, I decided that my newly acquired plaid sheet would be perfect for pj shorts for the boys (dubbed "Fancy Pants" by our babysitter!)

My king-sized sheet yielded me four pair: One for the hubs, one for the 12 yr old, and two for the little boy cousins.  Not bad for $3.99.  The great thing about using a sheet is that they are super soft and thin, perfect for lounging and sleeping in the summer heat.    

Cute  cousins!
Lest you think that we're one of those families that likes to dress alike, we aren't.  My 12 yr old wants it to be know that he was not happy when he had to put on his shorts with his dad and brother for this picture.  I'll just say that I made them all shorts, and they do all wear them (and like them!), just not at the same time.

As far as sewing with plaid, it is easy if you remember a few simple techniques:  1. Match up your plaids, 2. Match up your plaids, 3. Match up your plaids.  I think the quickest way for handmade plaid items to look homemade is to forget this step.   There is a reason all patterns say "Additional fabric may be needed to match stripes, plaids and one way design fabrics."  It's a critical step that you don't want to overlook. For the most part if the horizontal lines match at the side seams of any garment you are good.  For these shorts I matched the stripe on the inseam as well. 

Good luck!  
Now go make yourself some "fancy pants" too!


  1. They are so cute! My 10 year old still doesn't mind matching his little brother (it doesn't happen often.) And what a super find on the sheet. I would be excited too. Hope your family gathering was good.

  2. What a bargain to get that much fabric for so little! I love the matchy matchy plaid shorts. They are so great!



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