Wednesday, February 23, 2011

500th Post Giveaway #2--Custom Swimsuit

I've been working on swimsuits already here at my house because this winter is just killing us. Seriously, we are so DONE!  It has been so long with lots of snow and lots of cold.  About a week ago we had a great sneak peek at Spring with about 5 days straight of 40ºF+ weather.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  And although not all the snow disappearred--unbelievable after that many days of warm weather--we did melt off a bunch.  We saw the streets for the first time since the beginning of December sometime.  My kids were so ready to break out the bikes, skateboards, scooters, and even swimsuits.  All that occurred just in time for an all-time record breaking February snowstorm (15+ inches of new snow) the beginning of this week. 

Oh Spring, so close.....

Anyway, the winner of this drawing will get to determine their prize based on what materials I currently have.
  • Choose from size 1T to girls' 14
  • Fabric color--to be determined by me and the winner (we've got lots of options--see the pic below)
  • Winner and I will also discuss any other embellishment options :)  i.e possibility of two-tone or one shoulder suit, skirted.

For a chance to win leave a comment telling how you are gearing up for Spring & Summer at your house.  Besides making swimsuits I am de-junking a lot of my life--right now that is mainly my laundry room and storage. 

Leslie's giveaway will be up tomorrow, and you can still enter Emily's from yesterday.
Good luck to everyone!  Winners will be posted on Friday.

*If you don't happen to win this round I've got quite a few suits in my Etsy shop that are available immediately.  I'm adding more as I get them photographed.  Or you if you are looking for something else truly unique you can order a custom suit.  Drop me a note about it....we can talk.

***Closed for now.


  1. Still grey and dreary here in the UK but sunshine predicted for tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I can't wait to start work in the garden which looks a terrible mess at the moment!

  2. It's already getting warm in Louisiana. We're spending every spare moment outside. We like to have picnics inside on rainy days and we've been talking about how things grow and what we're going to plant in our garden this year. We're so ready for spring!

  3. We're playing in the mud...and taking lots of baths!

  4. You must live somewhere by me because we've had the same weather you've described.

    I've also been cleaning out closets and also cleaning the house. Call it a pre-spring cleaning. I've begun thinking about what I'm going to plant in my garden and when I can start my seeds indoors next month.

  5. I'm sewing a spring dress for a birthday next week.

    I would love to win!

  6. Well, around here, Spring keeps tricking us and pretending to be here, but then Winter sneaks back in. We just put our house on the market so my Spring cleaning is done, but I am trying to get out and bike with my kids as much as I can. I'm also planning my girls' Easter dresses!

  7. I've been spending small amounts of time in the yard when the weather is nice. There is lots of pruning, weeding, and racking that needs to get done before spring. Well some of it should have been done before winter...

  8. I would love to win a swimsuit for my daughter! I would love to gear up for the spring and summer, but right now, I am battling a nasty cough. I did sign the kids up for the summer movie program though :)Summer can't get here soon enough!

  9. You knew I would enter.. I'm a sucker for your swimsuits! I'm gearing up for Spring/Summer by flipping the pages of seed catalogs. I want a porch full of color.

  10. we are still shoveling snow here, so no thoughts of spring or summer yet. I did put our snow suits away twice hoping that would scare the snow away. no such luck.

    Does taking down the christmas lights count?? :)

  11. I am also doing some dejunking and cleaning. We were also experiencing some springlike weather and now we have snow too. (Not 15 inches though!)

    I'd love to win the swimsuit for one of my girls! I still haven't dared to try it myself.

  12. Im super excited for spring/summer. It feels like it is so close! I've been working on an Easter dress for Abby and trying to de-clutter our house. Thank you to all of you for the fun give aways! Congrats on 500 posts!

  13. We are de-cluttering the back porch from everything we stored there over the winter. My husband made us play a game out there the other day, neighbors thermometer read 45 degrees! NOT warm enough for board games on the porch!

  14. I just went through all the kids clothes and made a list of what we need for Spring/Summer. When I do that, I know exactly what to look for and find good sales....

    and a girls swimwsuit is on the list....hope I win!

  15. Well, I was checking out warm sites on the internet and trying not to think of the snow outside. I really get ready by switching out my candles for flowers in the house.

    I feel guilty putting my name in the hat for the swimsuit since I have TWO from you already. So don't pick me! I was either Emily's or Leslie's but didn't want you make you feel bad :)



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