Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I've had some serious luck at the thrift store lately.  Here are some of my finds from the past month.

 My sheet collection is getting rather out of control, but who can resist ticking and gingham?  I think I paid $3-$5 for each.   The pink and yellow sheets have already been turned into some new bedding pieces for my girls.
And that turquoise gingham...I've got big plans for it. Yummy!

  These dainty florals are destined for some room redo projects for my girls' bedroom as well.  They are actually all fitted sheets that are stain/hole-free -- a small miracle find in the vintage sheet world.  Again, I paid $3 for each of them.

I found a couple other sheets, but they've already been cut up for various projects (to be revealed later). 

My biggest triumph would be that my kids have discovered the joys of thrifting as well.  Now instead of complaining about having to stop at the thrift store they actually look forward to it.  Check out some of their recent purchases...
 After seeing the movie Soul Surfer my Hawaii-loving daughter found this rash guard shirt for $3.  Aunt Renae is going to make her some matching briefs and then she's ready to swim.  So cute!!

 Nike's for my 6yr old who actually had no soles left on his "school" shoes.  Bought for $8.   Added a $1 pair of new laces.

And slip-ons for the my girls.  I think they were $6 and $3/pair.

For me:  
I have been on the prowl for an awesome pair of red pumps.
  Just my luck I found this hot pair for $6
 I tried them on at the store.  Good to go.  Bought and paid for.  I was a happy girl!

Until I noticed the big number 9 sticker on them.  Bummer!  'Cuz I am not a size 9.  When I got them home I tried to walk in them (something I didn't actually do at the store) and they fell off.  What was I thinking?!  Too bad for me because I still think they are awesome!
(Does anyone want a pair of red patent leather high heels--size 9?  I sell 'em to you cheap.)

So, what about you?  Any good thrift store finds lately? 
I'd love to hear...


  1. Holy cow. I love those shoes and have been looking for red peep toe pumps forever!!! Email me if you're serious about selling them! =)

    hdelacruz15 at gmail dot com

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thrifting! You found some great linens... I'm always on the lookout for nice cotton sheets. Also love finding old linen/cotton towels for the kitchen. I like the retro look of them but even better is the way they work. They absorb so much better than my new towels. Today I found two shirts (one from a very upscale store) and both were pink tags (1/2 off today) so I'm thrilled...total of my clothing bill?.. $3.18!!! Nice to see you're starting your daughters off the right way.. they'll be great savers by the time they're adults :)

  3. That blue and yellow fitted sheets are my fave!!!! Awesome finds!!!

  4. Went to one of our thrift stores today for 25% off day and found 2 camping hats for the big girls for next weeks camp. One was even a Columbia brand. Also scored 11 1/2 yds of lingerie elastic (for swimsuits) for $.75. Oh yeah! My total bill was around $8.

  5. Those red pumps are awesome. Yesterday I scored a really cute corduroy coat for Megan and some classics I've been looking for for my library. It's always fun (and slightly addicting) to see what you can find.

  6. Love hearing your finds! Sorry about the shoes. I am size 9 but I could never walk on those. :-)



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