Monday, December 14, 2009

Jester Costumes

After last year's involvment with making costumes for my oldest daughter's middle school musical I swore I wouldn't volunteer or get involved again. (Never say never, right?!) With that being said, I wasn't involved.....until a week or so before Thanksgiving. I just can't deal with paying a $40 RENTAL fee for a costume. You want me to pay that much to borrow a costume? Really??!?! It makes me CRAZY!!! This is middle school for crying out loud.

Since my daughter only needed one costume this year I told them I would make it. O.K. actually I asked, but I think had the director said "no" I would've made it anyway and then gone on ahead with it. I actually made 2 jester costumes (one for the jester/girl in the other cast) for this year's musical, "Cinderella". They were so quick and so easy and if I do say so, so dang cute. I only spent $25 for the 2 costumes, too, thank you very much! My #2 daughter tried on the 2nd costume while in the process and now she wants me to keep the costume so that she can wear it next year for Halloween. She is dying over the star leggings (no pic right now). We'll see how badly they want to add it to their stash of costumes. I may just keep both of them for our personal costume stash.
Anyway, the patterns I used were:

Kwik Sew 1591 for the leggings, which I made out of swimsuit fabric. They are awesome!! This pattern is now discontinued or out of print, but Kwik Sew 3476 is the current leggings pattern that I found.

Simplicity 4860 for the tops. Out-of-print pattern Simplicity 3617.

The musical started on Wednesday night---"Break a leg, girls!!"


  1. I was digging the leggings too!

  2. They are actually a HOT item with all the girls in the cast. And one of the moms at the musical got my info to contact me later about making some (and booty pants) for her dancer girls.



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