Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quilting Challenge

After seeing Em's post about the Alumni quilt, it reminded me of a little experience I had earlier this fall with our little neighbor friend. Miss J., who is in kindergarten, brought this picture (shown below) to me one afternoon and asked me if I could sew it for her.

At first I thought she wanted me to somehow sew the actual piece of paper into or onto something. But then I figured out that, no, this was a pattern and that she wanted me to duplicate it for her. J. put some serious time into this design. She used an 8 1/2 by 11 piece grid paper to draw out her design: 33 blocks by 43 blocks which equals out to 1,419 blocks!!!!

Anybody up for that quilting challenge?!

(When her mom mentioned to me a couple weeks later that J. had told her I was sewing something for her, I had to explain the whole story. Her mom just rolled her eyes and we laughed about it. I wish I was that good J., but I'm not.)


  1. wow!! She is one detail oriented kindergartner!

  2. That's so cute! Some day I will do a quilt using 1 1/2 squares. But it's way down at the bottom of my list. I've seen one done and it was very cool. Tiffany

  3. So I have been thinking about this little drawing for 3 days now. I drew up a sketch using EQ5. It is one too long and my colors are limited but I think I have a way to make it with less pain than individual squares. Random that this little drawing would strike me so? Probably but I love it. Give that sweet girl a high five for amazing color sensibility!



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