Friday, December 11, 2009

Authorized Personnel Only

I don't know about you, but right around Thanksgiving time my sewing room becomes off limits to everyone but me. There are things that start happening in there that can't be seen by certain eyes.
I don't officially put a sign up on the door (actually I don't even have a door) but I do make a public announcement that my sewing room is now only accessed with my permission and if I am present. So far this has worked at my house. My kids have been good about asking if it is "safe" to enter if I happen to be working in there. That isn't to say that may change, but for the most part they must love good surprises because I haven't ever caught anyone sneaking around in there. And they have not been good about turning off the light in there once they've entered. So really, I usually do know when the security has been breached.

So with that being said, I have just finished my latest Christmas project--5 pairs of pajama bottoms. This one isn't necessarily sneaky as my kids have come to expect and enjoy this tradition of new pajama bottoms on Christmas Eve. However, they don't know what kind of fabric I will be picking for them. Can I just say that I love being able to pick and not have them know what other choices were available? That way they aren't upset that they didn't get whatever it was that they saw. I am also happy that I won't be still working on these 2 days before...been there done that. (That pile you see is the remaining fabric--now I need to come up with a little blankie project or something--or maybe new Rice packs for each kid.)

Purple horses
Green geckos
Pink ice skating monkeys
Camoflauge dino skulls
Pink hearts

Now I just need to make a mental note that next year when I go at 6 a.m. on Black Friday to brave the masses at Jo-Ann's (because that is when you get the best price on flannel, unfortunately) that I should go ahead and buy 2 pieces of fabric per kid so that I can save some for the next year and then maybe, just maybe, I could ignore a Black Friday and sleep in. ...That just may be too much to expect, however.


  1. Haha. Best of luck with the flannel buying. We used to always get PJs on Christmas Eve when I was a kid and I loved it. Your kids are so lucky to get special ones! Haha--and you are so lucky to have a room to hide gifts! We live in a tiny little college apartment and I am always hiding gifts in strange places (or down at my sister's) to keep him from seeing things. :) Happy sewing!

  2. We LOVE rice bags!! My mother-in-law makes a matching pillow case and rice bag for each grandchild around their 4th birthday. The kids use them every time they come in from playing in the snow, and often in their beds.

    Everyone in my office loves the ones I made for us there. They get used and reused every day, just to hold on our laps since our building can't figure out how to regulate the temp! We actually just made a rice bag for each person in the office for Christmas with their names stitched on the fronts.

    Super easy, super frugal gift idea!! That's a great idea to make them matching their PJs!!



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