Friday, December 4, 2009

S{Crap}-Tastic Blocks

I'm all for keeping it real and showing my mistakes, not just my triumphs.
Today I'd like to introduce you to some scrap blocks I made, or what I like to call "When good scraps go Bad!"

Sometimes scrappy just turns out crappy!

I'd love to hear about a projects of yours that has gone terribly wrong. C'mon, there's got to be one?! Besides, I need a good laugh today!


  1. I don't know much about making quilts...but I think it looks cute!

  2. that's a whole lotta of.....something! :) But I think lots will love it.

    I've had many projects go bad....all of them with clothing for myself. not fun.

  3. It's all how you view it, I guess... You probably had a different picture in your mind when you started. But it looks good to me!

  4. Ii think it looks fun--and I bet some preteen girl would think it is the coolest quilt ever.

    It is frustrating when what you envision doesn't quite translate out in reality. Most of my "gone bads" have to do with clothing that doesn't fit the way I'd like it to or it just plain doesn't work on my bod!

  5. Put duckcloth on the back and binding and you have a nice grass sittn' blanket!

    My first attempt at making a tessellation with stars. Horribly, horribly crappy. at times they looked like they had mated and spawned wonky wreaths. and it was american flag themed fabric. ugh.

  6. I don't think it looks bad at all! Maybe with some sashing it will come together nicely! I was going to suggest white, but I think its needs something bold. You could use purple like filminthefridges's latest purple patchwork quilt!

  7. oh no....i don't think it is that bad at all.

  8. My mother-in-law calls these "crazy quilts". We received one shortly after we were married and keep it in our van to pull out at the park or as an emergency blanket. I like yours though -- bright and cheery.

  9. My first thought is -- it's not THAT bad. I agree that there will be someone who will be totally smitten with it. Yep, they will!

    I pieced a large lap size quilt and was equally disappointed. I was mad at myself for wasting the time to finish it -- but I had kept thinking it would get better or grow on me. Believe me, it didn't! But my future DIL brought her sister over who loves it. Hmmm. Just wait, you will be surprised!



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