Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Boy Version

This one wasn't part of my original count of four unfinished projects for the challenge, but since it has been sitting in my sewing room for over six months I'm counting it!

It was supposed to get done in time to send off to Margaret's Hope Chest. But, it didn't. When I sent off my other ones, though, it got me thinking. I had three other quilts that were done and all three were for girls. Most of my fabrics could be classified as girl fabric, and I've made tons more girls quilts than boy ones. It got me wondering what the ratio of girl to boy quilts received was. I venture to say that there were far more girl quilts than boy ones.

Are boys really getting the raw end of that deal? I'd really like to know! Until I find out I'm purposely going to try and make more boy quilts and donate them in hopes of evening out the score so to speak. This one will be the first to go.

What do you think?

(You can see the whole gallery of donated quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest here.)


  1. I have a hard time making baby boy quilts too! They are usually sports or animal related... and its just not fun fabric for me to work with! I would say 75% or more of the quilts I make are for girls only.

    I went all out for a recent baby boy quilt. It was a lot of work... I really hope the mom & dad & baby like it.

  2. Cute quilt! Sorry it didn't make it with the others but I'm sure you will find a great home for it! I should go through the gallery and count boys vs. girls and see what we come up with-my educated guess is about 40-60 ratio-favoring the girls.
    Anyway, thanks again for helping us surpass our goal!
    Carin from Margaret's Hope Chest

  3. great idea...there is just way less good boy fabric out there. i think boys may be getting the raw end of the deal

  4. i think boys do get the raw end of the deal...esp. in donation quilts. my own boys seem to be fairing pretty well in their quilt acquisitions, though. :)

  5. That is a darling quilt. I think there are less boy than girls, but that is a complete guess--I know in my own life that the girls get more sewn stuff than the boys.



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