Monday, November 24, 2008

Sound of Music Musical Costumes

Well......they are finally completed and it is time to just sit back and enjoy the moment.

My oldest daughter's middle school musical production of "Sound of Music" has been an adventure for all involved. I originally only volunteered to make the pajamas for the scene in Maria's bedroom, knowing that I would probably end up with more to do down the road. That is exactly what happened. It turns out that many feel sewing is a "lost art" and therefore there aren't too many that do sew and those few that can, don't always know what they are doing either. But we all survived and the costumes do look good---if we do say so ourselves.

Here are a few pics of the costumes I worked on along with only a handful of other mothers.I made 11 of these peasant tops and 9 full circle skirts. Another mother made their cute aprons. This costume is for a dance number at the VonTrapp's party for the baroness.Some of these sailor outfits we had borrowed from our city's theater company and then had to make a few more to better fit our kids.My daughter is in the middle in the back. This is her cast--Maria and the children right before going onstage--these are the ugly curtain playclothes.Here she is again, onstage, 3rd from the left (tallest one). Aren't middleschoolers a funny group? They sure do come in all shapes and sizes. That made for some fun costuming as we went along. I made all of these pajama costumes.
Let's just say I am oh so happy that this project is completed!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Renae. I think you are very generous with your skills (but insane). LOL.

    They look so nice.

  2. I agree with Les, but they do look GREAT--now get some rest before next years production! :)

  3. We are sort of secretly praying that she'll decide to play volleyball instead or they'll pick a musical she has no interest in.

  4. I know this is an older post, but our homeschool drama team is doing SOM this year and I was looking at costuming ideas. These costumes look great!

    Last year our group did Snow White and King Midas so we had a lot of Renaissance costumes we made. I'm hoping these will be a little easier.



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