Monday, December 28, 2009


For Christmas this year I made Miss B. some dance leotards with matching skirts. Mostly I did it because the leftover fabric I had from making Jester costumes was just enough to make little leotards, and not much else. (Yes, I admit it. It is hard for me to throw away fabric if there is enough to do something with it--albeit it a small something.) I also found some ballet slippers that looked like new at one of our thrift stores for $2.99. Gotta love it! She just loves to dance and although we really can't afford dance classes or lessons, if she has the attire, she really doesn't care. Just turn on the CD player and there she goes.
Don't those over-the-knee sock just make the outfit?

Twirl away!! The b/w/green leotard is leftover fabric from this project. B says this is her favorite one. And yes, I still have paint swatches on my wall. Didn't get it done before Christmas, so it'll have to happen that first week of school when the kiddos go back.
This one can double as a swimsuit next summer.


Simplicity 7351 (dance leotards and accessories)--which is now discontinued; however, Kwik Sew has a number of leotard patterns to choose from. And to be quite honest this Simplicity pattern needed some tweaking in the leg opening. I haven't had those same issues with Kwik Sew patterns.

Kwik Sew 2422 (swimsuit pattern)--basic tank swimsuit. I used this one on the star print leotard.


  1. I'd say she looks pretty "official" whether or not she's in classes.

  2. the black and green is my favorite too. And I love the pic of her twirling.

  3. It looks like you hit a home run with these really cute dance outfits. Way to go mom :o)

  4. I love the b/w/green swirls too! It fits her perfectly! Quick Q. Do you use elastic, clear elastic or stay tape around the top? I'm a beginner leo sewer and I'm having a time getting my neckline snug. Any advice?



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