Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dilemma Resolved

You may or may not remember that this past summer I had a little dilemma about whether or not to gift an item I had made. Well, here is the gift.

I did make 2 of these and am keeping one of them, at least for now, for my own family.

This one is heading out to Idaho as a Christmas present. I hope that it is well received. I did enjoy putting it together and finding something fun and crazy to put on the back so that it can be used as an all-around picnic/ park/ watching kids' sports games/ keep-in-the-back-of-the-car blanket.

I've decided that I like using pockets when I can. Kids especially think it is cool to have a pocket on their blanket.

Above is the stitching that I used on each disappearing 9 patch--double needle with denim topstitching thread.

This stitch I used around the 9 patch and along the sashing.

Crazy fabric backing--I like it. All I did was sew the front and back, right sides together, leave opening, turn right sides out and then top stitch along outer edge to hold it all in place basically. No batting on this one since it's meant only to keep your backside clean and/or dry while outside.


  • Cut 6" squares of denim (144 total squares)

  • Make 16 - disappearing 9 patch squares--on this one no 2 were alike

  • Cut 4" and 3" sashing of denim

  • Cut 3" border of denim

  • 5 yards of 45" wide cotton fabric

  • Finished size approx. 72" x 76"

I've still got more jeans to cut up and then put them together into another blanket, or two. (Just when I think I've depleted my stash more pairs appear--like they've been multiplying somewhere) I've got a friend who is not so subtly hinting that she'd like one too. Besides, she's been donating old jeans to the cause, so it looks like she'll be next on the receiving list for a recycled jean blanket.


  1. Holy smokes yours looks so nice. You should see my junkie denim blanket. And those pockets are too cute.
    wish you had my name this year. :)

  2. I have been collecting old jeans as well, planning on making a quilt someday. I haven't had to guts to tackle that project yet! Yours looks great!! Hopefully I will be able to get the courage to work on mine someday soon!

  3. That's fantastic. I made a denim blanket a few years ago, it's much less cool than that.

  4. That looks great, what a fun blanket! And I bet children love pockets in a blanket. They love pockets in everything :-)

  5. nice just re-purposing the jeans.. and using a double needle.. i haven't dared to do that yet!



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