Friday, August 14, 2009

Gifts Ungiven

I am wondering if anyone has ever had this dilemma:

I have been working on a project for a little while and from the beginning have had the intent to give it away as a gift. However, now as it is almost completed I am having second thoughts--which I find a little weird for me. I am actually making 2--one for me to keep--but now I am not sure I want to give the other one away. It is not that I think the receiver won't love it--they have somewhat requested this item--or won't appreciate it; I know they will. And it isn't like this project is so overwhelmingly wonderful and perfectly put together, or so expensive that I can't part with it. But for some reason I am feeling rather selfish and stingy about giving it away. Really, I don't need two, I could use them both for sure, but I definitely don't NEED two.

So has anyone else ever had this situation arise and if so, what did you do? If you haven't ever felt this way then maybe I am just going through a selfish period and need to keep it to myself until it passes. I'd love to hear what you ended up doing when faced with a similar situation. How did it all work out?


  1. well, I was in your shoes few times. I was knitting something for someone and fell in love with item! Since item was for client I knitted another one for me ... and then the magic has gone - don't know what happened but I didn't want any! Guess I went just through phase!
    What usually helps me when I see something like that could happen - I simply take item with me everywhere and stare at it almost all day that at the end magic always goes away!

  2. I always think "I'll just give them something I've made" but then back out in the end because I think the person won't appreciate the fact that it's homemade or the time I put into it. (I'm thinking wedding gifts in particular) But I've never made something for someone who wanted said item and I just can't give it up.

    Sorry, that doesn't help. But I'd love to hear the whole story sometime.

  3. I used to give better gifts to other people than I had myself. So maybe you're just needing to nurture yourself a bit. I have since found a balance between taking care of myself & my family's needs first & then worrying about other people. I also try to give thoughtful gifts to those who I know will appreciate them. I'm thinking in particular of some sis-in-laws of mine (who don't). Just my opinion & experience...

  4. I know what you mean. I generally just kick myself in the bum and give it anyway. Once it's gone I feel good about giving it and all is right.
    I think that will probably happen for you. Especially since this was a semi requested item and you're fairly sure the recipient will love it. They'll probably be very grateful, heap you with praise and treasure it always. Nothings better than that.

  5. I always have a hard time giving creations away, but I take a photo of it and give it away anyways! I would have way too many quilts if I kept all the ones I made for others!

  6. You've created a lot more things than I have so you have had more opportunity to experience this. I've been like Emily where I've decided to not give someone a gift because they wouldn't appreciate I gave it someone else...a baby blanket.

    Good luck and make some more things for yourself :)

  7. I've pretty much felt the same about everything I've ever made. And I've given away almost everything i have ever made. I figure if I love it so much that I don't want to part with it...imagine how much the person I am giving it to is going to love it. Plus, I figure I have the "craftiness" to make another one for myself...and my recipient usually doesn't. That pretty much pushes me over the edge.

    Then again, I've kept a couple things, too.

    Give and take, my friend. Ebb and flow. You made it, you get to decide...and no one will think less of you. I promise.

  8. I have good intentions but get lazy and never finish them in time for the gift giving. By this point I give up on it till i discover another reason to give it away and start working on it again. Once it is finished though I have seperation issues because I have put so much work into it and would like to keep it, the thing that makes so I can give it away is the joy I see in there faces. It is one of the best feelings ever and then i don't feel like I need to keep it any more.



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