Thursday, April 24, 2008

Swim Bag

I bought this mesh fabric at least a year ago after I saw a cute bag made up with it at one of my local fabric stores. Too be quite honest I don't know what it is called--it is very stiff stuff. I decided it would be cool to make a swim bag from it. I didn't really need a new swim bag--my old one has served our family well these past 3 or 4 years; however, I made a new one anyway.
The inside seam allowances have to be covered with bias tape or the mesh will snag anything and everything that comes in contact with it. I debated whether to use self-fabric handles or use the nylon webbing straps, and decided for this it would be better to use the same mesh fabric. The outside striped piece I just bought on clearance and it is outdoor canvas stuff. I used the same bag pattern we've used for everything, just the large size with some additional height to it. With 5 kids' worth of beach stuff we need a LARGE bag. The kids are all ready for summer to be here. I'm almost ready--just a couple more swimsuits to make.


  1. This is probably what Leslie is wanting. Cute! Should help eliminate the 'stinky swimsuit' smell when it gets left in your car--not that I've ever done that before--ha, ha! :)

  2. That is sweet! It's perfect.

  3. They have a variety of colors at my favorite fabric store. I'd have to check how much it is, because I did buy it so long ago. I could send you some if you wanted.

  4. Hey - birthday? Christmas? Might as well make a few more! :-)

  5. Looks very similar to a material called Phirtex



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