Thursday, April 10, 2008

Recycled Artwork Cards

I think that most mothers have the dilemma of "What do I do with all my children's art work?" Especially when they insist that you don't throw it away. And if you have more than one child then that dilemma multiplies exponentially. Alot of times I just take a picture of it and then toss it (or just toss it directly), or I'll send it to one of the grandmas with a letter, since none of them live nearby. The really great stuff I save in a folder in the filing cabinet or their journal/scrapbooks.

However, when B. made this little watercolor drawing I immediately saw some abstract potential in it. I've had it floating around my kitchen for awhile with the intention of making it into a card or two. Today we did just that as it is a yucky looking day and trying to decide whether to rain or not. At first she was not thrilled with the idea of me cutting up her picture. However, I talked her into it and she decided she needed to make one too. The allure of using gluesticks can be quite powerful for a little person.

So here is what we came up with. B.'s card she made completely herself is the bottom right card. I think they look rather cool, if we do say so ourselves. Now we'll have to decide who the lucky recipients of our abstract cards will be. I should have taken a picture of the painting before we cut it up so that you could see the before and after, but I forgot....oh well.


  1. Those really are pretty. What a great idea.

  2. Very artistic Miss B! I think they turned out cute!



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