Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bags, Bags, and More Bags...

While we're on the subject of bags, here are a few that I've done since Christmas time. These 5 are the ones I made for all my kids' different teachers for their Christmas gifts. (I have 5 kids--3 in school, 1 preschooler and a 2 yr. old at home). I just folded down one of the corners so that you could see what I had lined it with.This one I just made and sent off a couple weeks ago for a swap that Leslie held. I thought that it turned out really nice. A nice happy Spring bag.
This last one I just made yesterday--last minute for the kids' school silent auction coming up this weekend. I am one of the room mothers with another friend of mine from church and we were in charge of the class basket for the auction. Ours is a scrapbooking "basket" (bag in our case). I really like it. You can't see very well, but the inside fabric is an orange plaid with yellow running through it. This particular one I made slightly larger so that it would hold a 12 x 12 foto album easily.

Leslie, this is for you--here are the different sizes that I've made or adjusted. The pink camoflauge bag is the size that we all normally make--I think--for library bags, etc. I am pretty sure that the pattern that Em uses has a larger version in it and that is what I used for the black bag. This way you can see the difference in sizes a little better. The little bag is a nice tote for little girls. The other pattern I've used is Simplicity 8852, which appears to be discontinued now.

Finished Dimensions:

Small 11" H x 9" W x 3" D

Medium 14" H x 12" W x 5" D

Large 15" H x 16" W x 6" D

My "Picnic Bag" I made a couple years ago. This is also the same size that I've used for my swimming bag. It is the large size and will hold a lot of stuff for you.

Inside lining fabric

Detailing on the straps--single fold bias tape topstitched on the nylon webbing before the straps are attached to the bag. This also shows how I secure the top of the straps at the upper edge of the bag. I haven't had a strap detach yet.


  1. Cool. I didn't know you could make the bigger ones. Looks like Em and I are going to trade

  2. I love the picnic bag! I still have my ant fabric, too, so I might have to make one of those this week. Now that I can actually see what you did I can 'copy' it better. Hope you don't mind! Your 'swap' bag turned out way cute, too!

  3. Thanks! I don't mind if you copy the picnic bag.

  4. Hey one of those bags looks familiar! It is my on-the-go back! I love it!

  5. I LIke the scrapbooking bag!! What was inside of it??



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