Monday, April 14, 2008

The Best Bag Pattern Ever!

I don't think there is anything better than a great bag, especially if it helps you to stay organized, keep track of hard to find items, carry all your necessities, or just look pretty. This bag pattern is legendary in our family. Between all of us I think we've made it 1000 times (Renae has probably made 75% of those). We've made school bags, church bags, library bags, bags to hold yarn, travel bags, swimming bags, diaper bags, monogrammed bags, teacher bags, you name it--we've probably made it. We LOVE bags!!

I've had a bunch of bags cut out for a LONG time (I'm embarrassed to say how long..) and am finally getting around to finishing them. Never mind the fact that I just moved my sewing room from the basement up to the first floor and am LOVING my new beautiful space!! Being in the basement definitely had its disadvantages! So now that my sewing room is organized and pretty I've been sewing like mad trying to finish up all those unfinished projects I had. (Only 5 more projects to go... :)

Here is my latest bag. This one has been in my mind for far too long, also. Let's just say that my son has been taking music lessons for over a year now, and I had thought of doing one like this since before he started his lessons. Pathetic, I know! But, now that its done, I think it looks GREAT! It came out just as I had hoped. Now when I say to him, "where are your piano books?" he can tell me! (or at least that's the idea!)

I think my idea for this bag came when I found this fabric at the store. I mean what could be more perfect for a 'music bag' that this? I used it for the inside of the bag! Love it!!

If you need a great tote bag, this is the one for you. I call it the Land's End bag pattern.


  1. That's so cute I want to pee my pants!

  2. Love your straps and love the staff embroidery. Where did you find that?

    I just made a bag today--for a silent auction at school. It was to hold all this scrapbook stuff. Maybe I'll have to post it as I did take a picture of it before I turned it into the auction committee. I was really happy how it turned out.

  3. Hey Les, you don't need to buy a swimming bag like the one you posted on your blog--just make one. Or have your favorite local sister make one for you since she's on a roll. That pattern does show how to make it two-toned--I just don't think any of us have ever done it.

  4. I think the straps make the bag even cuter than just plain black or white. When I saw this striped webbing I snatched it as fast as I could! I knew it would be perfect for this bag. The music staff is on our embroidery machine already. I came across it as I was looking for something to jazz up the bag. SCORE!!

  5. I need a huge mother one though

  6. This bag pattern comes in "huge mother" size too. I've made a couple before.

  7. That music bag is goergeous. I really like the inside.




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