Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stocking cap

O.K. I realize that we all are a bit tired of Winter and its coldness. However, I just wanted to show this hat that I finished. My friend Becky wanted to make it and I am sort of giving her knitting lessons. I made one along with her, since I've never done this pattern, so that when she had questions I would know what to tell her. We found this pattern online at Cider Moon and the name of the pattern is Lillehammer. I modified mine somewhat so that I didn't have to go buy new needles, etc. but could just use the sizes that I already had. However, it really isn't too far off the original design.

Top view of the hat. I like the "stained glass" effect that this hat makes. They also have another cool pattern called Ring of Fire. We may have to try that one next.

The ribbing on the hat is pretty cool. I've never done anything like this before with the two colors, but I do like how it turned out. Z. was my model and then wanted to know if he could have this hat. We'll have to wait and see. Winter again is a long time away---thank goodness!


  1. Cool pattern. I like this version.

  2. Lillehammer?? As in Norway? I think you and I need to swap! Do you need any baby quilts for gifts or do you have some cool fabric you want me to 'quilt up?' That's all I do that you don't! :)

  3. You'd like this pattern. My friend Becky is doing hers in pink, brown, and lime green. It is looking really awesome.

  4. That looks really hard. I haven't even made one with one color! Yes, it does look like Norway to me, too.



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