Sunday, April 27, 2008

Belated Fall Outfit

This outfit I had planned on making last Fall sometime. Never got around to it and then next thing you know its Spring again. Regardless, I decided this project needs to get out of my sewing room so that I can move onto something else--guilt free. And, I ended up wearing it today as it is once again cold here--snowed yesterday morning, and later again this afternoon. It has already melted but ENOUGH!!

After sewing for myself I have to say that sizing is so subject these days. The last two dresses I posted I had made the same size and didn't need to adjust anything and it all fit just fine. This one, however, was strange. The skirt fit great and the shirt--was a nightmare. I made it and it fit me like at least 2 sizes too SMALL! It does look fitted on the pattern cover model, Simplicity 4095, but this was ridiculous. At first I thought that the difference in fit was because it was a different pattern company. It wasn't that. These have all been Simplicity patterns. I'm not sure what was up. I will probably be sending my 15 yr. old niece the first shirt--after I make it short sleeved. Because I am pretty sure it will fit her MUCH better than it was fitting me.

Luckily I had enough fabric that I made another shirt, using my standard t-shirt pattern that I've used for years (Simplicity 9262--discontinued), and then modified it as needed to become this style that I wanted.
I think I am going to shorten the shirt hem just a little. It felt a little long today when I was wearing it.


  1. Cute! I like floral skirts and of course, anything red.



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