Monday, April 21, 2008

Butterfly wings

A new addition to baby's room...

The idea was cooler in my head. I still like it, but something is not quite right for me. Maybe the shape??? Too symetrical? It's feeling more like pixie dust or something than a flock of butterflies. Or maybe it needs to be colors? Truthfully, I'd love to cover the entire wall with these same paper butterflies. It's doable. Just have to cut a bunch each day. I attached them using BlueStick (reusable adhesive putty). Any suggestions out there? I was also considering hanging from the ceiling, but couldn't figure out a way to attach without making a million tiny holes.

Hmm.....Yep. I think it's the shape.


  1. Those are so neat. What a lucky baby Lauren is to have such a chic mom.

  2. Very cool. I think you're right about the shape.

  3. Love the paper. I think you're right about the shape. Maybe you need a bit more randomness--a stray here or there, and/or some smaller ones mixed in with the larger ones at the beginning.

  4. Bethany especially loved this - she wants that whole thing for her room.
    I love the one red butterfly. It adds a great punch.

  5. so cool! What fun!
    I too love the red butterfly.



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