Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Over my head

So I got started on my needlepoint states for our family picture wall. ....these babies take A LOT of time. I'm realizing I'm more of the quick and dirty type project girl. I don't like to linger on projects for long. Let's do it. Get it done. Move on to the next. But since I've started this I've got to finish. I think they will be worth it and a cool addition to our decor. Right about now though I'm wondering what I was thinking.

.....time, time, time and more time for this one.


......and Nebraskee

these are both 10x13 size


  1. I like crossstitch - is that what it is? I'd like to do them - can I borrow the patterns? If you get stuck, I'll finish them for you.

  2. nope. needlepoint is different. no X's. just a " / ". does that make sense? you can definitely borrow the pattern



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