Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

These pics are from the Spring.  I forgot to post them way back then. Oops!

My daughter and her best friend were "helping" me in my sewing room on this day.
I was in the throngs of bee block making for my quilt club and they asked if they could "make a quilt" too.  Anything to keep busy little girls occupied, right?

I was working with my 2.5" scrap bin, so with fabrics already cut it was easy enough to let them create.  In picking fabrics you can imagine that two 5 year old girls picked nothing but pinks and purples. :)   

They did a great job! (and were sufficiently occupied for the morning) 
My only help was with the counting of squares.  
"You need 5 squares in this row and you only have 4 of those fabrics, so chose another one."

There might have even been some bartering between them for certain fabrics that the other one wanted...
 "But you already have a sparkly square." 
 "I'll give you this one that is soft if you give me a sparkly one."
"Hey, she has more heart squares than me!"

Eventually blocks were made and two little girls were proud of their creations.  

Now I just need to find some time to finish my end of the deal, which is to turn their blocks into  blankets for their prized stuffed animals Horsey and Spotty the Dog...


  1. Cute! My girls have done that so many times. It sure does keep them busy.

  2. Too cute!
    Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually let them sew too?
    Maybe you could put K to work making the animal a surprise.

  3. what a good way to keep little girls busy--being creative is way better than watching TV or playing video games. Mom



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