Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Glitch & Fleece Gloves


Just as things were going so well with my sewing for myself last night I hit a snag.

This is the throat plate off my serger.
It isn't supposed to be in pieces.

Luckily today was the day for my sewing machine repairman to be at my favorite store.
Went there first thing this morning and he doesn't have one in stock.


He'll order one but it will take a week.


I have projects that need a serger.  Today!

So then he suggested another sewing place.
Drove a little further than I would have liked.
However, this is when you know you're addicted to your machine.  
I can't wait a week.  
Really, I can't.

Thankfully they had one in stock and $15 later I am on my way.
My whole morning taken up, but I have a new throat plate.

So the project I was hoping to post about this morning will have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime here is a little project that I made for hubby over the last week.
 These are last years hunting gloves.
Well loved, well used, and well worn.

I made them a year or two ago--based off another worn out pair of fleece gloves that he adored and couldn't find a decent replacement for.  He asked if I would make him a new pair and then he painstakingly unpicked the beat up pair so that we could have a pattern.  Oh, how he loved those gloves!

I don't know how many pairs I've made since then, but this week I've made 4 new pairs:  2 for hubby, 1 for daughter #1 for when she goes hunting with dad, and another pair for hubby's hunting buddy Eric.

Hopefully this will buy me some time so that I don't have to make another pair for awhile.
And then I went and bought the rest of this remnant fleece to put in the stash so when I do need to make more pairs I already have the fabric ready to go.

1/2 yd. fleece makes 4 pairs of gloves
$2.00 for fabric.
Putsy sewing for sure--not my favorite things to make, but hubby is happy


  1. Hey be glad he asked you to make him something! That is fabulous.

  2. Never mind the gloves, looks like you need to clean off your cutting mat!! (Is that what that is in the first pic?)

    1. Yeah that is my cutting mat and it is abused for sure. It has pieces missing from it. I have another nicer one, but also larger, so I use this one when I am working on smaller things.

      And how do you clean a mat anyway?

    2. I just saw somewhere where you can use a large pink school eraser on it. "Erase" the whole thing and then blow off all the erasings. I guess it works pretty well for getting all the fibers that are stuck in the cut marks on the mat.

  3. Great looking gloves! Do you have a pattern you could share?

    1. The pattern I use is the old pair of gloves that my hubby loved. He snipped them apart and I use that. There are glove pattern from McCalls and Simplicity, but I haven't ever used them to know if they are good or not.



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