Monday, September 24, 2012

{Vintage Style} Bedroom Redo -- Curtains (a 5 minute project!)

This post is part of an ongoing series of posts about my adventures in room redecorating.  Follow along with me as I attempt to transform my girls' room into a vintage inspired beauty.

I posted awhile back about finding the elusive sheet I needed for my girls' bedroom curtains.  I failed to mention that the sheet I found was a full size, while the sheet I had was a twin size.  

Well, I'm here to say that I used them both without doing one.single.adjustment to either.  Ok, that's not exactly true... I did have to cut off the excess length (about 6-8 inches) on both of them so they they wouldn't "pool" on the floor, but after that 5 min fix I left them as is.  That means that one side is a bit fuller than the other.  But can my daughters tell the difference?  Can anyone looking from the outside tell the difference?  Maybe you all can see the difference in this picture, but I think it is hardly noticeable.  So I left it as is.  And since I used the existing folded down part (I have no idea what it's really called...) at the top of the sheet to hang them, this project took me 5 mins. Literally! 

The hardest part for me was finding matching (thrifted) sheets.  I think I searched for about a year after I decided on this particular sheet.  The other hard part was trying to get a decent picture of the curtains hanging in their room.  Let's just say that my girls don't keep their room very clean.  This photo is editing out all the mess that currently resides in there.

 Does anyone else have children that prefer to live in squalor rather than clean their rooms or is it just mine?


  1. My kids' rooms are slobby and they don't seem to care. Makes me crazy! When they do clean up they love it, but it sure doesn't last.

  2. The curtains look very nice and that's cool how easy they were to put together. Some of my kids had clean bedrooms and some had messy, but that's just the way it is--it did drive me crazy when I thought a lot about it. Sometimes I cleaned them up and sometimes I cracked the whip for them to do it. It's a never-ending battle, I think. Mom



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