Monday, September 17, 2012

It's All About Me Week--Mock Wrap Dress

Slowly I've been trying to revamp my wardrobe.  This is one of the dresses that has been on my list. Butterick 5206.  I love a good classic wrap dress--although this one is a mock wrap.  You can hardly go wrong with this style. Thank you Diane von Furstenberg!

I had the fabric for close to a year before I put this dress together.

Daughter #2 was hoping I would change my mind and somehow not want it.  My response to her: You all have other pieces that I wanted, but gave up for you, so this one is mine.  MINE!  However, it took me awhile to find a brown knit to match so that I could use it for the binding on this dress.  I was about to resort to using actual swimsuit fabric, which would've been heavier than the dress fabric itself.  Glad I found something better.

I was hoping I could have this done for Easter earlier this Spring but ended up helping daughter #2 finish making her dress on the Saturday before.  I felt that was more important than getting my own done.  I did finish it in time to wear a time or two this past Spring, but just haven't posted about it.  In fact, this same daughter asked me if this dress was new when I put it on to take pictures yesterday for this post.

  • I didn't attach the binding as directed in the instructions--which was to basically make your own bias tape.  Instead I bound all the edges (neck edge, sleeve hem, and hem) using the t-shirt neck binding method.  
  • I found that with the fabric I used (jersey knit) I didn't need the side zipper.  I just sewed up the seam and there was enough stretch to get it over my head w/o needing the zipper.
  • For me I added to the length about 6 inches.
  • Added 1" to bodice length
  • Cut off about 2" on the longer sleeve version.  I wanted my sleeves to look like 3/4 length instead of just looking like they were long sleeves that were too short for my long arms.  They hit just below the elbow now.  Perfect!
  • Super comfy!
Bonus dresses:
All these dresses were made earlier this Spring. 

I found some pretty fabric at Jo-Ann's for daughter #1 and made her one of these too.  Once again fabulous jersey knit fabric that doesn't wrinkle, stretches so that it is super comfy.

Used the same brown knit for the binding on hers that I did on mine.

And then daughter #2 decided she would like one too--so we made a pretty blue one with flutter sleeves.

I also used some heavier dark grey knit in my stash to make myself a Fall/Winter version of this dress.
Four dresses later I have reduced my fabric stash by 12 yds.  Woohoo!!


  1. I like all the wrap dresses. As you say, you can't go wrong with a good wrap dress--they are always in style and flatter any figure. You all look nice and the fabrics are nice on each of you. Mom

  2. I love all three of those. Great job.



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