Friday, September 7, 2012

Canning Green Beans

A week or so ago my friend MaryAnn let me pick some green beans from her garden as she had already picked and canned her fill for what she and her family needed.  We picked 16 quarts worth of green beans and I was so happy to have them.

For a pressure canned item, green beans ares one of the easiest and quickest foods to can.  25 min. in the pressure canner is all you need, but you definitely have to use a pressure canner, not just a hot water bath canner. Probably the most time consuming thing about green beans is trimming the ends and snapping them.  Problem solved with 5 kids, a number of bowls, and a movie.  Mine finished up the job in no time and miracle of miracle, with no complaining.  Another lesson on "many hands make light work."

I know that pressure canning scares people.  However, I almost exclusively pressure can--even those items that don't require using a pressure canner.  Really, if you can read and tell time you can CAN.   Repeat after me, "Yes, I Can."  Repeat it a number of times if you need to.

Canning instructions for green beans are found here--from the Ball Blue Book, pg. 66.
You can print off a pdf tutorial here too for green beans including pics.
Or watch a video of canning green beans.

Basically you need:
2 lbs. beans per quart jar
1 tsp. salt per quart
Process in pressure canner 25 minutes at 10# pressure.

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  1. I loved canned beans! I currently have about 40 pints of them in my pantry. They are easy to do but unfortunately I don't have anybody who will help with the snapping of them.



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