Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All I can say (to myself) about this project is...It is about time!

This has been my longest WIP probably ever.  After a loooooooooooooong hiatus I FINALLY got this trench finished over the weekend.  And just in time for the weather to turn a bit cool here in MN.M5060
McCall's  M5060--now out of print.
*(On a side note, why discontinue a nice basic pattern?  This would never go out of style.)

I've been "working on" this coat for about 4 years now.  Sad, sad, sad.  Actually, I started it approximately 4 years ago and then it sat for almost 2 a sack on my sewing counter, right next to my machines.  I finally got the "wild hair" last year to finish a number of projects in my sewing room, this one included.  Seriously, not sure why it took me so long because I love everything about this coat.  And it only took a couple hours to put it ALL together, ready to wear.

The only drawback was that after being so long on the backburner, I apparently didn't have the same thread as I started with and it took almost an hour to pick out and then resew 8 topstitching lines.  Then I was back in business with everything looking good.  And it sat again.  Until now.

All I had to do to finish it was sew the sleeve lining to the sleeve hem, same with the actual coat hem, make buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

Finally, I'm in business.  So so happy!

Inside lining.


  • I made View B--single breasted shorter version in HOT pink, baby! 
  • Inset pockets instead of patch ones.
  • Didn't put buttons clear up to the collar because, really, how often do you actually button up that far?  I'll just wear it with a scarf instead.


  1. Love it! So inspiring for someone who wouldn't be brave enough to tackle a jacket. Looks like it fits perfectly. What kind/weight of fabric did you use for it? Must be heavier than regular cotton.

    Also, have you ever sewn yoga pants? Something comfy but not slouchy looking? I like the flat, stiffer waistband of yoga pants vs. the casing/gathered look of sweats but not sure how to sew it. Any advice from a clothing guru would be very helpful. Thanks!

    1. For that jacket I just used a nice cotton piece. It really isn't too heavy. I wanted to be able to wear it in the Spring too--something to just maybe cut the briskness a bit.

      I have made yoga style pants. I might have to do a post on it, but we've made skirts with that similar waistband too.

      You can make a casing and still insert elastic--just make the casing the same size as you are and then you get the flat look, but with a little extra support or insurance with some elastic.

    2. Thanks. I guess I assumed it had to be more complicated than that. :) Maybe I'll give it a whirl for my girls pants. They really prefer soft pants vs. jeans and I can't seem to find any that are both the right length and the right size in the waist right now.

    3. You can also find a tutorial for the 'yoga pant waistband' here:

    4. I went and checked out the above link. Very good tutorial and that is exactly how I would do it if I was including elastic in the band.

      The yoga pants I have, bought to copy, has a band about 6 inches wide that you can then fold down doubled for some extra support. That is super comfy too. It doesn't have any elastic in it--just the fabric band.

      So you can definitely do what works for you and what you are most comfortable with.

  2. I really like your jacket and the pink will make it lots of fun to wear--very cheerful on a cloudy or rainy day. Mom

  3. Great jacket. Love the princess seams.

  4. LOVE IT! The color is totally fun.

  5. love it and the color is the best

  6. Your jacket looks _so_ great and I love the color.

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  8. What an awesome color! You are so good to finish it after so long. I usually toss projects that have sat around that long. Love the lining! I'd love to try this in an oil cloth. Have you ever sewn with oil cloth and would it hold up for a jacket like this? Tiff



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