Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Little Trade Among Friends

My next door neighbor happens to be my really good friend.  
She and I are a lot alike, yet we are completely different in so many ways. 
Because of those differences (and similarities) we get along really well.
She makes me laugh. A lot.  I think every woman should have a good friend/confidant.  
It's definitely cheaper than therapy! :)

Anyway, recently we decided to do a little trade. 
See, I've been wanting a new kitchen table for a loonng time.  Mine was too small for my family.   She offered to help me build one.  But that never really panned out. Seems I like to make quilts more than I like to build tables. So after waiting for me to not make one for over a year, we decided to just trade talents. She'd make me a table, I'd make her a quilt.  Win, Win!!

This week my table was delivered! 
 (Don't mind my ugly mismatched chairs or my terrible photography skills.) 
We have been so happy to have elbow room at the table.  
Believe me when I say dinner has become more pleasant because of it.

 When it came right down to the quilt, the one she really wanted was this one.  I tried to talk her into a "new" one, but she was set on it.   Easy for me.  Now if I can just figure out a way to squeeze matching benches out of her sweat shop we'd be in business.


  1. that is a nice table and room to move around in makes a lot of difference. Bartering and swapping is the way to go these days so I'm glad you were both able to get what you wanted. Enjoy. M

  2. ooh, I like the table. and I really like the "mis-matched" look of the chairs with it. Gives it a farm-ish feel. Makes me want to grab a piece of pie and a huge mug of coffee.

    Awesome trade!!!!!



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