Monday, July 9, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

Over the last couple weeks on trips to my local thrift stores I've found a couple awesome items.

Leopard print slipbacks--in my size!  I'm in heaven.  I've been trying to find some leopard print shoes for a long time, but I want closed toe and not a SUPER high heel which seems to be the style right now.  I don't need super high.  I just want a little heel.  I've already worn them to Church with this dress and love them.


And a fun bundle of mostly red print fabrics.  A couple pinks and purples are thrown in for good measure and one green with red apples.  There is one piece that is 2 yds., another 1 yd., a couple 1/2 yd. pieces and the rest are fat quarter equivalents or large scraps totaling about 20 different pieces.  Happy day!  

$5.99 for the entire bundle.

I'm thinking about this quilt idea for these fabrics and maybe recruiting my friends again for a sewing club night.  Or we may do a family improv sewing night and make this quilt.  Still trying to decide.  Either way, the reds are making me happy.  I think I might even have a few more in my stash to add to this pile.

Then hubby scored some Rockport dress shoes for $18.75.  They retail for $125!!
Another pair of H.S. Trask leather dress shoes for that same $18.75.  They also retail for over $100.  
That trip alone was worth the savings--$37.50 for 2 pairs of almost brand new men's dress shoes.

A pair of 11" Octagonal mirrors for $2.19 each.  I'm thinking of painting the frames red and hanging them in our main bathroom which has a red, white and blue theme going on.

Turquoise chandelier earrings for $5.99.  LOVE these!!

I also scored a Pampered Chef stoneware square baker--unglazed finish (which they don't make anymore) for $4.46.  It is brand new (glazed finish retails for $37) and never been used.  Love their stoneware products.  I use them all the time.


  1. Dang, you scored good! Have a great week!

  2. You got some awesome deals on that thrift store trip. It does pay to go to those kinds of stores if you are patient to look thru things you don't want to find what you do want. Great shopping! Mom

    1. I find that if I go on a semi-regular basis that I pretty much know what's there and when there is something new. That way I don't have to spend much time browsing. I can just get in and out quickly--which is really the way I like to shop.

  3. Great scores!

    Maybe I should do some thrift posts.... Hmmm...



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