Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink

This is the first of five baby quilts I'm trying to finish up.

It uses the leftovers from my blushing quilt.  
I like it's simplicity.

The backing is a sheet from one of my thrifting expeditions.  
Given the fact that it is a perfectly awesome stripe AND it's already super soft, it might be my favorite sheet to date!

The blocks are a mix of everything in my scrap bin.
 I LOVE how they all blend together so beautifully!  
Who says designer and non-designer fabrics can't live together in perfect harmony?

Lynn quilted it with some simple wavy lines and a flower detail in each block.
 After a spin through the wash it is incredibly soft!

Finished dimensions 40" by 48" 
Fabric Tuesday


  1. I really love it, its so pretty for a little girl..great job!

  2. I love how this quilt turned out! It looks so soft and cuddly. I like that you used a vintage sheet for the back.

  3. Oh my I just love this quilt. I love,love my Thrift Store fines and I love yours:-) It really makes me want to go Thrifting again today. Please join me www.sewcraftykathy.blog spot.com

  4. oh, i love this. it's so perfect in it's scrappy simplicity. nice work!



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