Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is the post where I look like a total thief

I have been known to make literal copies of quilts I find beautiful.  I'm not ashamed to admit I've done it more than once... Like here, here and here.  I don't think that it's necessarily a bad thing, as long as you're not claiming it as your own idea.  You know, give credit where credit is due.

Blushing Blocks

So, after I posted about some pink blocks I was making last year, I decided somewhere along the way to see if my other colors were as prolific as the pinks.  Sure enough, I could make monochromatic blocks in each color of the rainbow.  Cool!  I could come up with something quilt-worthy with them, couldn't I?  Since I am a slow, process kind of sewer the blocks have lingered on my design wall all this time.

Work in Progress
Fast forward to last week when I am browsing my favorite blogs and I come across this post.  My reaction?!  "Oh, Crap! When I post about my blocks/quilt everyone is going to think I'm a total HACKER thief!!" 

So, I guess this post is my way of saying I swear I don't steal other people's ideas and claim them as my own!

Rita, if you're reading (which I'm sure you're not--I'll send you a nice little email instead) I know that you are way cooler and smarter than me.  It just so happens that we came up with a similar looking quilt at about the same time.  Go figure!  By the way, I love your work!!


P.S. Has this ever happened to anyone else before???  So weird!


  1. I had the same exact thing happen to me not too long ago! Here's my post from it: http://maniacalmaterialgirls.blogspot.com/2011/09/scrappy-rainbow-quilt-finish.html
    and it was on a scrap/rainbow quilt too! So weird when that happens!

  2. Yep, I've had that too! I agree with Renae. It's not an original idea by any means but kind of funny that you both made one at the same time. I like it!

  3. yep! it happened to me, too. with rita, no less. thankfully she was very gracious to work with. :)



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