Monday, January 30, 2012

Upcoming Series

We love KNITS!

In case you hadn't noticed.

Within the next couple of weeks (goal of mid-Feb.) we are going to start a T-shirt / Knit series.  We'll be featuring some tips about sewing with knits (very similar to swimwear), along with some of our favorite styles or patterns.  We'll try and give you some tricks and shortcuts that work great too.  Our cousin Tiffany will be helping out with some posts.  We're working on it as we speak, but we'd also like to know what questions, if any, you may have about sewing with knit fabrics.

If you have a question just leave us a comment on this post.
We'll try to incorporate as many as we can into our posts and the projects we're working on.

Here's some of the stuff that I'll be playing with, besides the bin of solids I have.  Can't wait...


  1. Yeah! I've recently ventured into cotton knit and two way stretch fabrics. The biggest problem I encountered was turning the fabric a quarter of inch and top stitching. My machine rippled the fabric. I didn't use the stretch stitch. I've been sewing most of the garments on my serger. This wasn't possible on the doll skating dress or the hems. So any recommendations you can share are totally appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Are you talking about hemming the sleeves and hem of the shirt? Or are you talking about a neckline? 1/4 inch is really small for a hem on either of those.

      We'll talk about hemming for sure in our series, but just want to make sure we take care of your question.

  2. I don't know if you have posted about this before, but I wanted to make a t-shirt quilt. Any tips on how to do that?

    1. Emily is more the expert on t-shirt quilts than I am.

      Here are a couple links to stuff she has done.

      Harley Tees

      Graduation Tee Quilt

      Guest Blogger Ann
      This will probably have the best tips for you about using the actual fabrics.

      Emily is planning a little t-shirt quilt-along here in the upcoming months. So if you want to do one get your shirts/fabric together and sew along.



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