Monday, January 9, 2012

Skirted Leotard / Ice Skating Outfit

This is an outfit that I made for display at my fabric store. 
I made the pink version as per the instructions.....mostly.  To be quite honest I can't remember the last time I've followed a pattern absolutely, completely, as indicated. 


I have used this pattern before for tankini tops for my daughters--blue version.

I must say that I don't love the contrasting band in white.  However, when we picked this piece out at the fabric store there was nothing to match it.  And the yellow and 3 different pinks I have in my swimsuit stash didn't match either--I tried, in various lights and they all looked nasty.  I tried using the same fabric for the band, but that looked lame, in my opinion, too. So I figured we'd go with white.

  • I cut off about 6 inches of strap once B. tried it on and we adjusted the length.
  • Lined the front and panty bottoms--the pattern doesn't call for any lining.
  • Used 1/2" elastic, because that is what I had available quick.  Don't love that width for this, but it'll do.
  • There is no elastic anywhere in the straps, per the pattern--and for an ice skating outfit I think that will work just fine.  If you were going to use this for a swimsuit, I'm not sure about them.  They may sag a bit when they get wet.  We'll have to return and report on that, because I think that B. is considering this style for a swimsuit this summer.

Once again she is not happy this is going on display before she gets to wear it.  I would've had her pose down at the park at the ice rink, doing her thing, but we hit 50 degrees today--crazy weather for MN.  I'm not sure the ice rink is even icy.  Though the forecast is that the bottom will drop out on Wednesday and we'll back to our "normal" temps of about 20 degrees.  I'll miss you unseasonably-warm-winter-up-to-this-point.  You made me happy while you were here.

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