Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Fantastic Finds

.....Or lucky Friday the 13th.

At one of my local thrift stores they have a 25% off card that you can sign up for and use every Friday.  I don't go every week, but I go often.  It seems like I haven't been in awhile since all the holiday stuff is over so I went this morning.

I was so happy with what I found.

Right outside their doors when I walked in was this Wingback Chair.

Pottery Barn has a seagrass wingback for $600.
You can buy slipcovers for wingbacks for $50 or more.

The chair was marked:

I had to do a double take on the tag.
Really, $1.99.
Which means with 25% off I paid $1.49.

Yeah, the upholstery on this chair is disgustingly nasty stained.  This was the side of the cushion that they didn't show when trying to sell it.

But seriously, $1.49!

The bones, legs, sturdiness of the chair are great.  I'll just go buy some fabric to make my own slipcover for this one and the other wingback that I already have in my house that I grabbed off someone's curb last Fall when they were throwing it away.  The upholstery on this one is much better.  I just put it in the house after taking down the tree.  My kids LOVE this chair and are already fighting over who gets to use it. 

I also got a nice basket organizer for my kitchen and all the paper madness that drives me N.U.T.S!

2 Queen size sheets for $2.99 each.

That top sheet looks pink in my "lovely" light, but it is tan.  I have some quilting ideas for that one.

An 8 x 10 frame for my daughter's swim team pic. $1.43
That only needed a quick once over with some white spray paint that I already had.

And lastly a square red tin with lid that I'll use for some Christmas stuff/storing. $.74

Grand total this morning:

Hope you all have a great weekend crafting or sewing or just plain doing nothing.


  1. Great finds! Love getting a bargain too!

  2. Really good finds, especially that chair.

  3. YOU GO GIRL! I am SO proud to be your Follower and friend. IMAGINE that! $1.99 down to $1.49 - SO IMPRESSIVE
    I LOVE thrift and I love frugality
    That's the way to do it!
    Go Go Go
    Cathy Byrd
    byrd at

  4. You see...I'm the idiot who owned that chair in a previous life, got it dirty and tossed it out because I'm a) too unskilled to know how to recover it and b)don't have you living next door to me to call on. You are SUCH a blessing to your family with all of your skills--I hope they know how good they've got it to have you!

  5. Love the wingback chairs, great find!



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