Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Reflections and Confessions

I love this time of year.  Even though things really don't change from Dec. 31st to Jan.1st, the new year always feels refreshing.  It brings about a sense of reflection, renewal, and re-evaluation; where I ask myself things like:  What did I learn last year?  What do I want to change about myself?  How can I improve my life and that of my family?   What new things do I want to try this year?

Looking back on 2011, I see a lot of growth and improvement in my life.  I have learned quite a bit about myself and thought I'd share a little of my thoughts in regards to my crafting life.

**I learned that I don't actually hate borderless quilts like I once thought.  This past year I made at least 7 quilts without borders. (Does sashing count as a border, 'cuz I don't think so...)

**Once upon a time I thought that people who didn't quilt their own quilts were cheating a bit.  This year I figured out that the quilting was my least favorite part of the process and changed my tune completely!  Now I am thoroughly convinced that quilters are quilters are quilters no matter who does the quilting. (If you want to call me a "piecer" go ahead, I can take it!)  Besides, my life became a whole lot less stressed when I gave up the quilting duties to someone else.  My family likes me more, too. 

**2011 is the year I figured out who I was really sewing for: ME!  I lost the desire to worry about what others were creating on-line.  I still LOVE to check blogs and search for beautiful things (I spend way too much time doing that!), but I don't particularly feel the need (or pressure) to come up with the latest greatest thing.  I make what I want (even if it's a copy of someone else's idea) because I love making things.  I make stuff for people that I love and who I think will appreciate my hard work.   No one really has to like it but me and recipient anyway, right?

**Another thing I figured out about myself is that I am not really into fabric "lines."  Sorry, designers - I really do love your work!!  But looking back, the only fabric lines I purchased in 2011 were the DS Quilts prints at JoAnn's and some Children at Play.  Both of which I have yet to use.  I guess this guarantees that no large bundles of free fabric will appear on my doorstep in 2012, huh?!  I'm pretty sure this also means that Moda will not be asking me to be a bake shop designer anytime soon either, since I have yet to make a single thing from one line of fabric.  Ever.  I came close once...

**This year I also figured out that I don't really enjoy sewing/creating other people's ideas.  As in, "Hey, Emily, I've got this great idea.  Will you .... ?"  I love to make people happy, and I love to sew, but I probably should've said "no" to more things than I did.  I'm going to work on that for 2012. Besides, how does the saying go?... "Why should my sewing skills save you money?"  ..or something like that.

 **I probably should've done more charitable crafting in 2011.  For some reason it was hard for me to "let go" of some of my quilts.  In 2012 I will try to be less attached to every piece I make.

**And finally, I enjoy sewing from scraps way more than sewing from my stash. I kind of already knew this...but 2011 reaffirmed it!  I love buying fabric, but sometimes I have a hard time deciding how to cut it up.  If it's already a "scrap" then I don't have to decide. Wouldn't that then be considered rescuing it from the garbage as well??  Win, win!!  :)

For 2012 I'm keeping my list pretty simple.
*Definitely one (maybe two!) scrap quilts for the year.
*A few "Solids Only" projects I've got brewing in my head
*Finish my Grandma Quilt
*And a bed quilt for me and the hubs


  1. I agree with you all the way on all of this! I also love to make things to give to people I care about. In fact nothing that I made this last year stayed in my house! I am going to remedy that this year as I am making quilts for everyone who still lives under our roof and also for my oldest and his wife.

    I also haven't ever made anything out of a line. I love to look at them, but when it comes down to it I like to mix fabrics way to much to stick with only one line or designer in anything.

    I never have a "plan" when I start anything usually just an idea that evolves as the project comes along. I'm still trying to decide if I like the quilting aspect of the whole thing, but I know I love piecing!

    I love reading your blog and seeing all of the stuff you Creative Chicks come up with!


  2. I like your thoughts. I too have decided to create more what I like and less what is expected of me. Quilting is also my least favourite part but I still like it enough to do it myself.

    I enjoy your blog posts - Keep up the great work!

  3. Can I add my own list?

    I despise sewing for other people.
    I despise TEACHING people to sew.
    I have to reeeeeeeeally like you to consider you worthy of the time it takes to make a quilt. There are only two people I have ever thought I would do it for.
    The quilts I like are ridiculously simple. I might be a hack and who cares! (though I think I have some skill to back up my ideas. Lol.)

  4. I so agree with your final comment--I am always in a hurry to finish a "planned quilt" so I can get to the scraps and see what I can cook up with them--it's like free fabric to me.



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