Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tree Mini Quilt

Now that December is practically over I am finally finding time to do some Christmas crafting. Here is a quick mini quilt I've had in my head all month.

I've been seeing trees all around blogland, so I came up with this simple forest idea. I'm not sure if I'm going to turn my forest into Christmas trees by putting star buttons on the top or just leave them regular trees. I kind of like the simpleness of regular trees.

(Measures 16" by 32")

I really like the paisley and the camo-looking print. I will probably use one of them for the back and the binding just to add some funkiness.

Here and here are some other cool tree designs I've seen--a little too complicated for my skills--but cool none the less. I really like how the advent calendar is quilted in diagonal lines. If I get brave, I'll give it a try on this one.

I have some more ideas up my sleeve for these particular fabrics, but it involves a different "green" holiday. Stay Tuned...
Finished Quilt can be found HERE.


  1. Very, very cute. This is my favorite one you've ever done.

  2. I really like this--it could be really cool as a table runner or the center of a tablecloth too.

    Is it an applique?

  3. Adorable. Great idea. Turned out great!

  4. No applique. It is all triangles.



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