Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm in skirt heaven

I finally purchased a basic skirt pattern. This particular one starts at age 2 (hard to find) and goes up to age 7.

Here are the first few I made for L. I made a size 2, 3, 4.

The bird fabric was spotted by Emily at our local JoAnn's. It's Alexander Henry. I'm on the prowl for a black and white stripe boatneck tee to go with it.

This is the size two skirt paired with a clearance top from baby gap. Last night I had my two year old niece model cute! I can't wait until it fits L.

And I'm dying with excitement over this skirt. I think I'll be making lots of versions with the yo-yos. ...more for L and some for gifts.

this view is just showing how I attached them...all by hand. typically, not my favorite task, but kind of theraputic this time. I just randomly attached them. No method at all.


  1. i'm still pumped about finding Alexander Henry at JOAnn's--Good Score! Cute basic skirts. I like them full.

  2. Sooo cute, especially the yoyos!!

    I don't know if you read the Oliver + S blog, but they had a great free skirt pattern on the blog this summer.The blog is: Look in the right column, there is "free patterns" and it's the "lazy days skirt". :-)

  3. I wish my girls would wear skirts. It's like torture to try to get them dressed on Sundays. J's just finally started to come around. Maybe if they had cute skirts like L.

  4. Love the addition of the yo-yos. Very cute.

  5. The skirts are adorable! What a find the AH fabric at JoAnns!!! Lovin' the yo yos on that B&W skirt. :D

  6. Aaarrgggg! Why oh why do I live in Egypt so far away from any cute fabric and patterns? With three girls, I always need new dress ideas/patterns!



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