Friday, January 23, 2009

"Lucky Me" Quilt--Triangles in Green

This quilt started from my Tree Project.
When I started pulling out all my fabric for the trees, I soon realized I had way more greens than I remembered. So, I thought I'd just cut some squares from all that fabric and see where it ended up.

Here is what I came up with.

I was making it up as I went, though I'm positive it's not an original design or pattern. Although it came out WAY more traditional looking than I had hoped, I do like the look of all the greens together. I might even do some more monochromatic quilts in the future.

The only fabric I bought was a 1/2 yard (45.7 cm) of the dark green with large white polka-dots. I used lots from my 6" square stash. The rest is scraps from other projects and other people, along with a shirt or two that I chopped up. I love it when I can recycle fabric! I love it even more when I don't have to buy much fabric to finish a project.

Out of all the fabrics I used, which one do you think my husband notices? The camouflage, of course! He kept calling this my "Camo Quilt!" I think there is a total of eight 1/2 triangles of that camouflage on the entire quilt...and yet all he sees is the camo.

Though this quilt looks complicated, it is really quite simple. Here are my basic directions:

I cut the sashing in 1 1/2 inch (3.8 cm) strips before sewing (which I'll never do that small again!).

If you rotate the squares around, you can make this design as well. I incorporated them into the back of the quilt.

(Quilt Back)

I pieced the back with all my remaining green fabrics. There isn't a stitch of green left in the house.

And now, I need to decide how I'm going to quilt it. I'm leaning towards quilting the whole thing along the diagonal lines created by the triangles.



  1. Looks good! Is that quilt pic taken in your snow?! Nice backdrop. I like the triangle look. I'll have to try one baby quilt that way.

  2. I like to see your sketches. :)

  3. Wow, that turned out great! I like the pattern, and I really like the way the narrow sashing looks.

  4. You are so talented. *sigh* It is one of my life time goals to learn how to quilt. I wish you still lived here so you could teach me. Actually, there are many more reasons I wish you still lived here, but that is definitely one of them. :)

  5. I cant believe how fast you can whip out a quilt! Im impressed to be sure. This quilt looks great too.

  6. I'm with Nancy.....can't believe how fast you are

  7. Love that you didn't have to buy any fabric. Cutting up the shirt is a great touch. May as well reuse it. Tiffany



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